Fleming, Joan (1908-1980)

The Joan Fleming collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, photographs and correspondence.

Manuscripts consists of drafts of Fleming’s novels, including Maiden’s Prayer (1951); Death of a Sardine (1963); The Chill and the Kill (1964); Shakespeare’s Country (1962); When I Grow Rich (1962); Nothing is the Number When You Die (1965); Midnight Hag (1966); Hell’s Belle (1968); Kill or Cure (1968); Grim Death and the Barrow Boys (1971); Cries From a Penny Dreadful (1971); Young Man I Think You’re Dying (1971); Alas, Poor Father (1972); Dirty Butter for Servants (1972); You Won’t Let Me Finish (1973); Every Inch of a Lady (1977); and The Day of the Donkey Derby (1978). Also included are various short stories by Fleming, as well as typed copies of radio broadcasts.

Printed material includes bound galley sheets of Fleming’s novels, including Maiden’s Prayer (1951), He Ought to be Shot (1955), Miss Bones (1959), The Man from Nowhere (1960), In the Red (1961), When I Grow Rich (1962), and The Chill and the Kill (1964). Also included are press clippings about Fleming from 1951 to 1966, as well as book jackets for various novels by Fleming.

Photographs include black and white prints of Fleming.

Correspondence includes letters from Fleming’s editor.

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