Fletcher, Grace Nies (1895-1991)
The Grace Nies Fletcher collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and other items.
Manuscripts by Fletcher in the collection include In My Father's House (McGraw, 1955), including photographs, correspondence, and printed items; Preachers' Kids (Dutton, 1958), including correspondence, photographs, and printed items; No Marriage in Heaven (Dutton, 1960); I Was Born Tomorrow (Dutton, 1961), including correspondence; The Whole World's in His Hand (Dutton, 1963), including correspondence; The Fabulous Flemings of Kathmandu (Dutton, 1964), including correspondence and printed items; What's Right With Our Young People (Morrow, 1966), including correspondence and an audio recording of young people in Berkeley, California, used in the book; The Bridge of Love (Dutton, 1967), including correspondence; In Quest of the Least Coin (Morrow, 1968), including correspondence and research material; poems; short prose pieces; and her original draft of Boston University’s “Alma Mater” song (1917).
Printed material in the collection includes published works by Fletcher, including her essay “My Most Unforgettable Character” for Reader’s Digest (1948). Also present are several reviews and publicity items regarding Fletcher’s books.
Correspondence in the collection includes several personal and professional letters, dating from the 1920s to 1970. There are several letters to Fletcher from various agents, publishers, and publications regarding her work.
Other material in the collection includes photographs of Fletcher; her diploma from Boston University’s College of Liberal Arts (1917); family memorabilia; two Japanese pantomimes, made into pamphlets by Fletcher; a prescription from Dr. Raymond D. Thiery, M.D.; book contracts; royalty statements, and other items.
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1. Fletcher, Grace Nies
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