Foley, Martha (1897-1977)
The Martha Foley collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, financial materials, and miscellaneous items.

The collection includes manuscripts for autobiographical writings, short fiction and non-fiction works, books edited by Foley, and works composed by other authors.  Autobiographical manuscripts include Good Night David, Ex-Mother, Reading and Writing and Remembering, Story, and Memoirs.  Short fiction items include Her Own Sweet Simplicity (an unpublished collection of short stories), "Elegy on a Rockbound Coast," "Fugitive," "Hades," "Her Son," "'I Love You' One Hundred Times," "Once Upon a Time Christmas," "Teacher," "Her Own Sweet Simplicity," and fragments of an untitled short story.  Short non-fiction items include "A Gallery of Geniuses," "Little Magazine, Little Island," "Our First Real Copyright Law," a history of "The Best American Short Stories," and a story of "the great Hair-on-the-Chest Battle" involving Ernest Hemingway and Maxwell Perkins.  Books edited by Foley that are present in the collection include 200 Years of Great American Short Stories (Houghton Mifflin, 1975), Best American Short Stories, Fifty Best American Short Stories (1965), and an uncompleted collection of novellas.  Manuscripts by other authors include an untitled novel by Richard B. Wathen, Writer's Choice (a short story collection), William Hall's "Alicia," Augusta Wallace Lyons "The Boy on the Chandelier," Abelardo Castillo's "Bunny Rabbit," Abraham Rothberg's "Polonaise," and more.  Poetry by others, an untitled, unpublished book on writing, and thousands of index cards containing Foley's notes constitute additional material. Many manuscripts are marked with holograph annotations and corrections.

The collection of correspondence, both literary and personal (1947, 1964-1978), consists of miscellaneous notes, memos, cards, and printed items and touches on a variety of subjects -- the Best American Short Story series, the death of Foley's son David, royalties, and more. Among writers, students, friends and editors, notables include Joe David Bellamy, Andre Dubus, H.E. Francis, Joyce Carol Oates, William Peden, Dorothy de Santillana, and William Saroyan.  

The collection includes an assortment of personal memorabilia, ranging from Who's Who in America advertisements and brochures to a New York Times crossword puzzle, from passport pages to a stenographer's pad with shorthand transcriptions of Foley's letters. Other items include a photo and book jackets for Ralph Corsel's Up There the Stars and a package of coral beads. Much of Foley's additional memorabilia concerns her son, David Burnett. Of particular interest are Burnett's notes on the occult and parapsychology, a bound book with holograph entries, and various artworks. Correspondence, photographs, printed material, and Burnett's obituary are also collected.

Printed material in the collection consists of Foley's non-fiction and short stories, research, reviews, and work by others. Collected non-fiction items that appeared in American Mercury include "American Doctors in Vienna," "Blessed Event in Vienna," and "Your Home-town Paper: Paris." A foreword to Stories of Christian Living is also present. Printed short stories include "Cokeworld Fore Espousage," "One with Shakespeare," and "Rachel Had Pigtails." Numerous clippings, tearsheets, magazines, and other literary items constitute material Foley used to research her memoir. Reviews of Best American Short Stories (1964-1976), an interview from Bookletter, and short stories and poetry from other authors complete the printed collection.

The collection's financial records include royalty statements, material permissions for republishing contracts, correspondence concerning agents' fees, and financial agreements. Banking records, cancelled checks, receipts, tax records, leases, and an expense notebook are included, as well.

Miscellaneous items include two copies of a summons in David Burnett's case against Dell Publishing Company, a doctor's bill, Susan McRae's resume, and World War II ration stamps.
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