Forbes, DeLoris Stanton (1923- )
The DeLoris Stanton Forbes collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, financial materials, legal materials, photographs, electronic media, and other materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, novelettes, short stories, and other items, published under a variety of pseudonyms, including Tobias Wells, Stanton Forbes, De Forbes, and Michaela Boston.  Novel manuscripts include Annalisa (1955), Relative to Death (1965), A Business of Bodies (1966), Terror Touches Me (1966), Encounter Darkness (1967), Go to Thy Deathbed (1968), If Two of Them Are Dead (1968), The Name's Death, Remember Me? (1969), She Was Only the Sheriff's Daughter (1970), If Laurel Shot Hardy the World Would End (1970), The Sad Sudden Death of My Fair Lady (1971), All For One and One for Death (1971), A Matter of Love and Death (1966), What Should You Know of Dying? (1967), Dead by the Light of the Moon (1967), Murder Most Fouled Up (1968), The Young Can Die Protesting (1969), Die Quickly, Dear Mother (1969), Dinky Died (1970), What to Do Until the Undertaker Comes (1971), and The Foo Dog (1971).

Additional undated manuscripts include Kill Not the Butterfly, Harm a Hair of Her HeadAnd Satan Sent a Son, The Hippie-Yippie Murder, One Man Died on Base, Habitation of Dragons, Over My Dead Body, And the Mourners Numbered Nine, All My Pretty Chickens: A Knute Severson, Adventure, Mother Goose Was Stuffed, Mother Goose Was Cooked, Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed, When the Hearse Goes By, Jack and Jill Hill Kill, Fall of the House of Snodgrass, Grandmothers, Helen Peterson Severson, Mary a Pickle Makes a Mickle, Today's Special: New Improved Death, Vacancy of Cubaro's Hotel,  The Perils of Marie Louise, Along Came a Spider, Murderers Wanted, The Boys Club, A Long and Happy Life, Rosamund's Baby, Cast Your Dead upon the Waters, Maxine and Philip Slingsby of the Manly Chest, Pigeon, Shanghai, Read Any Good Books Lately, One of Our Bears is Missing, Blood Mobile (unpublished), and Please Pottage Hot (incomplete).  Novelette manuscripts include "Drive a Stake Through His Heart" and "Bring Me Back Alive."  Short story manuscripts include "The Visionary," "A Toast: To the Bitter End," "Woman Sawed in Half," "The Proper Sort of Monument," "Gossip," "Stump the Murder," "A Queen Walked In," "Some People Are Afraid of Dentists," "Some Got Guts," "Ghost Story," "The Miami Trip," "From Heels to Eternity," "Breathe No More, My Lady," "Death Trip," "Beware the Warm Enemy," "The Better Things in Life," "Charity Begins at Home," "The Couple Next Door," "Death Trip," "Leave of Departure," "A Man Around the House," "Monday Nights are Slow," "The Practical Joker," "The Rising Wind," "Some Body Walked Over My Grave," "Spin a Fine Web," "The Spring Flowers," "My Sister Annabelle," "Flora Africana," "And the Monkeys Walk Together," "Lincoln's Mother's Doctor's Cats," "Creatures of Habitat," and more.  Essays consist of "Best Friend," "Can She Bake a Cherry Pie, Billy Beau. Bill Beau?," "Old Hate Letters Tied with Blue Ribbon," "Miss Maple and Shylock Holmes," "When the Hearse Goes By," "Deadheading," and "The Perils of Marie Louise." Other shorter works include "Ladies Choice," "The Will to Die," "The Eve of the Kill," "The Miami Trip," "The Day of the Inchworms," and "Yellowbird High in Hangman's Tree." Many of these manuscripts -- along with miscellaneous pages, untitled drafts, synopses, and incomplete fragments -- contain holograph annotations. 

The letters, emails, and cards includes professional and personal correspondence between 1957 and 2005. Professional correspondence consists of letters to and from agents, publishers, and publications, such as Doubleday, Halliday and McCloy, Anthony Boucher, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Manhunt Magazine, and Bennett Cerf. Other notables include Ted Kennedy and Margaret Heckler. Invitations to a client appreciation dinner and the Sanford Historical Society, as well as letters of membership to Boston Author's Club, Mystery Writers of America, and the Quota Club of Wellesley, Mass. constitute additional correspondence. Personal correspondence consists of letters, postcards, and birthday and Christmas cards.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes a 1997-1998 hurricane tracking map, a Habitat for Humanity Certificate of Appreciation, assorted artwork, sample election ballots, and a conference badge. Certificates from the University of Chicago Home Study Program and the March of Dimes are also present.

The collection's printed materials consist of newspapers, magazines, articles, reviews, travel items, theatre programs, and more. Included are numerous issues of The Townsman (Wellesley, Mass.) and publications such as Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Michael Shane Mystery Magazine, Mystere Magazine, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Chatelaine, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, and Hela Varlden. Reviews, advertisements, and news clippings for many of Forbes' novels are collected, as well. Also present are articles about Forbes, maps, flyers, travel brochures, newsletters, and numerous book jackets.

Professional materials include press releases, meeting minutes, applications, contact information, and various lists.

Financial materials consist of tax documents, a credit card bill, investment reports, and a savings bank account book.  

Legal materials include contracts for If Two of Them are Dead and Dead by the Light of the Moon, an unsigned contract for Colonial Realty investment, and numerous passports.

Photographs consist of various color prints, negatives, and content sheets. Numerous professional photos of Forbes' are collected, as are albums that document trips to China and Churchill Downs and more personal occurrences, including Christmas, New Years, weddings, reunions, and family gatherings. An undeveloped reel labeled "Car Crash in our Fence" is also present.   

Collected electronic media consists of 3.5" floppy disks with various titles, including There Goes the Neighborhood and "Uncorrected Word Pro."

Miscellaneous items consist of scrapbooks, a dog license, a bumper sticker for Representative Zeiser, and multiple crayon drawings by Forbes' children.
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