Fowlie, Wallace (1908-1998)
The Wallace Fowlie collection consists of manuscripts and correspondence.

Manuscripts by Fowlie in the collection include drafts of Sleep of the Pigeon (poetry, 1948); his translation of Rimbaud, published as Complete Works, Selected Letters (University of Chicago Press, 1966), including six notebooks; introduction, notes, and other contributions to French Existentialist Readings (Harper's, 1966); Jean Cocteau (Indiana University Press, 1966); the afterword for Selected Fables and Tales of La Fontaine, translated by Marie Ponsot (New American Library, 1966); Climate of Violence (Macmillan, 1967); The French Critic, 1549-1967 (Southern Illinois University Press, 1968); the introduction and notes for Francois Mauriac's Le Desert de L'Amour, edited by Fowlie (Blaisdell Publishing Co., 1968); Stendahl (Macmillan, 1969); and Sun Suicide (novel, unpublished), as well as lectures, reviews, and other short pieces.

Correspondence in the collection includes personal and professional letters dating from 1933 to 1987. Notable correspondents include Leonie Adams, Ben Belitt, Elizabeth Bishop, Yves Bonnefoy, Alain Bosquet, Marguerite Caetani, Yvan Goll, Martha Graham, Eugene Ionesco, Jacques Maritain, Albert Mockel, Marianne Moore, Jim Normington, Stephen Spender, and Pavel Tchelitchew.

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