Freedman, Benedict (1919-2012) and Nancy (1920-2010)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Benedict and Nancy Freedman collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials, photographs, notebooks, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, screenplays, short works, and other items.  Novel manuscripts include Sappho: The Tenth Muse, Entity, Dear Murderess, Sacrificial Lamb, Escape from Sarajevo, Marko's Doors, Vision Quest, Mrs. Mike (series), Mrs. Mike: The Answer, Moon Over Oakdale Street, Kathy Little Bird, Cyclone of Silence, Left Handed Moon, Forged by Fire, The Immortals, Mendel, Inc., The Search for Joyful, The Seventh Stone, Circles, Hanging Tree Inn, Prima Donna, Princess Di Don't Cry, Run Widdershins, The Spark and the Exodus, There was a Girl There was a Boy, Stanzi, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, Rescuing the Future, The Value Makers, and The Apprentice Bastard.  Screenplays include Mrs. Mike, Mrs. Mozart, One Woman Show, Stanzi, Six Maids A-Singing, Durante, Ironsides, Space Doctor, Princess Di Don't Cry, The Three Marys, and more.  Manuscripts for shorter works include forewords, "The Rogue Element," and an unfinished short story titled "No Near, No Far." Miscellaneous short works contain math-related material.  Other manuscripts include a doctoral dissertation, teleplays, Rescuing the Future and The Value Makers (non-fiction books), and works by other authors. Many manuscripts are TS with holograph notes. Related research materials include note cards, notebooks, printed materials, draft fragments, and correspondence.

The collection includes professional and personal correspondence between 1945 and 2009. Correspondence -- consisting of letters, cards, emails, notes, and fan mail -- includes financial materials, photographs, personal memorabilia, and printed materials.  

Various juvenilia, such as Benedict Freedman's grade book, school papers, and poetry by Hartley Freedman (grandson), constitutes the collection's personal memorabilia. Also present is a doctoral certificate, along with a broach, a diploma, and a playing card.  

The collection's printed materials consist of numerous book reviews for Mrs. Mike, page proofs, newsletters, articles, programs, internet printouts, and copies of book jackets. An issue of Publisher's Weekly containing Prima Donna is collected, as well.

Professional materials in the collection include office files (1976-2004) and subject files (1996-2003). These materials -- financial documents, TS and holograph notes, printed materials, correspondence, manuscripts, legal materials, and notebooks -- often relate to film adaptations of novels, such as Joshua, Son of None, and Mrs. Mike.

The collection includes a last will and testament, contracts regarding Mrs. Mike, and copyright documents for The Mozart Story.

Financial materials in the collection include a pension plan, royalty statements regarding The Immortals, and 1954 income tax documents. Cancelled checks, receipts, and bank statements are also present.

The collection's photographs include black and white and color prints and negatives. Of particular note is a signed color photo of Ronald Reagan.  

Thirty-nine holograph notebooks contain notes, drafts, sketches, and outlines, documenting the development of many characters and stories. An address book is included, as well.

Miscellaneous items include medical materials, cell phone information, and fax machine information.
Notable Figures
1. Freedman, Benedict
2. Freedman, Nancy
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