Fuchs, Daniel (1909-1993)

The Daniel Fuchs collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for short stories, articles, scripts, and other items.  Manuscripts for short stories and articles are extensive, and include "The Apathetic Bookie Joint," "Love in Brooklyn," ‘There's Always Honolulu," "The Morose Policeman," "The Williamsburg Bride Plaza," "A Girl Like Cele," "Pug in an Opera Hat," "A Man Down Hill," "Triplicate," The Turek Circus," and more. Miscellaneous items regarding West of the Rockies (1971) are present, as well.  Play scripts include "Kinds of Laughter" (a three-act play) and "A Man in the Middle of the Ocean."  Other items in the collection consist of a 1938 notebook containing holograph notes and various drafts.

Correspondence in the collection is mostly literary, although occasional personal letters are included. Notables include Harold Beaver, Robert Parrish, George Plimpton, Richard Stern, and others. Additional correspondence consists of letters with 20th Century Fox and Apollo Films Ltd., and letters between Fuchs and EHN (1947-1984), as well as a few royalty statements.

The collection's printed materials include publications in which Fuchs work appeared, such as Collier's, The Saturday Evening Post, Harper's Bazaar, Redbook, The New Yorker, and Commentary. Other collected publications contain reviews of Fuchs' work. Interview transcripts, publicity materials, and page proofs constitute additional printed items.

The collection also includes three scrapbooks, including high school snapshots, reviews, and more. Also present is a photograph of Fuchs as a young man.

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1. Fuchs, Daniel, 1909-1993
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