Fuller, Blair (1927-2011)
The Blair Fuller collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, legal materials, film and video materials, photographs, artwork, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for books, short stories, articles, poems, and other items. 

Book manuscripts include A Voice in Every Wind, Zebina's Mountain, A Butterfly Net and a Kingdom, and Art in the Blood: Seven Generations of American Artists in the Fuller Family

Short story manuscripts include "Alphonse" (unpublished), "Baseball, the Great American Myth," "Cost Twelve Pound…," "The Inspection," "Martha's Tale," "Dogs of War" ("Whelps of War"), "Tale of Rex Krall," "The Pivot," "Sentimental Education," "Plain You, Irene," "A Scholar's Paris," "Present and Future," "Le Front Republican," "The Explorer's Hat," "Some Rich Miles," "Life after Booze," and others. Numerous untitled items are present, as well.  Article manuscripts include "Other Times, Other Places," "Fragments of Stained Glass," "L'Express," "Fullers Folly," "Arts Commission," "Mouths," and "Markle and the Mouse." Assorted articles from other authors are also included.  Poem manuscripts include "Big Bad Sur," "For My Sister – Sage,"  "To Joe Fox," and Pamela Travers' "Thinking of Froelicker."  Other manuscript items consist of All Right (screenplay), "Left is Right" (a play), two speeches, and book reviews.

Correspondence in the collection, both professional and personal, includes letters, greeting cards, postcards, and emails. Professional correspondence pertains to Fuller's literary career, with letters regarding Art in the Blood, Random House and Doubleday and Company contracts, royalty statements, and The Paris Review. Additional professional correspondence concerns recommendations, appointments, invitations, and notices, including a notice of separation from the US Naval Service. Fuller also maintained correspondence with fellow writers, including Philip Roth, George Plimpton, Roger Angell, Joan Didion, Francine Du Plessix Gray, Amy Tan, and others. Other items of interest include a letter from Fuller to Lyndon B. Johnson and a letter to Fuller from Jacqueline Kennedy.

The collection's printed materials consist of magazine articles, newspaper and magazine clippings (1972-2004), reviews (both by and about Fuller), flyers, periodicals, programs, and other materials. Collected articles, clippings, and reviews appear in publications such as The Paris Review, the San Francisco Fault, The San Francisco Chronicle, California Living, The New York Times Book Review, and Nugget Magazine. Additional items include catalogs, Letters to the Editor, and pieces about Fuller from the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley. Of note are a program for The Paris Review's 50th Anniversary and a funereal program for George Plimpton.

Legal materials include driver's licenses and passports, as well as contracts with King Bros. Circus, Martin Secker and Warburg Limited, Harper and Bros., and others.

A "To Tell the Truth" DVD and a VHS of Fuller's speech at the 2004 Community of Writers conference constitute the collection's film and video materials.

Photographs in the collection consist of alumni bulletins and black and white and color prints of Fuller and his wife. Other photos document Fuller's 16th year of Alcoholics Anonymous and "Sunbursts," an original woodcut artwork installation. Notable subjects include Herbert Gold, Alice Adams, Don Carpenter, Sara McAulay, and Don Asher.

The collection's artwork consists of oversized design plans, pencil sketches, and woodcuts displayed in "Sunbursts."

Miscellaneous items in the collection include a tape cassette of All Right, a copy of Plimpton's resume, an Art in the Blood press kit, and a 1995 "Industrial Exhibition Award" from the Mechanic's Institute of San Francisco, CA. Also of note are a World War II veteran's patch and Fuller's USNR dog tags.
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