Fuller, Edmund (1914-2001)
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The Edmund Fuller collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, personal memorabilia, legal materials, financial materials, photographs, diaries, and miscellaneous materials.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of full length works, plays, reviews, and other items.  Book manuscripts include Man in Modern Fiction, The Coming Christian Underground, The Morning and the Evening, The Woodchucks, A Lament for Mr. Grundy, Prudence of Canterbury, George Bernard Shaw, The Corridor, Books with Men Behind Them, Tinkers and Genius: The Story of the Yankee Inventors, Vermont: A History of the Green Mountain State, Brothers Divided, Start Pointed North, Pageant of the Theatre, John Milton, Successful Calamity, God in the House, Flight, and Prudence Crandall. Manuscripts for full length works edited by Fuller include Macbeth, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet (from the Invitation to Shakespeare series), The Lives of the English Poets, Great English and American Essays, Introduction to the Essay, Time of Turbulence: Research Cases for Freshman English, and others.  The collection also includes manuscripts for two plays, Amateur Hour and My Madness, alongside notes on playwriting techniques.

A prolific critic, Fuller wrote countless reviews (primarily for The Wall Street Journal), many of which are collected here. Notable reviews include those for J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, James Dickey's Deliverance, Robert Frost's The Poetry of Robert Frost, Norman Mailer's Cannibals and Christians, and Marianne Moore's The Complete Poems of Marianne Moore, among others.

Additional items include manuscripts for speeches and a baccalaureate sermon for Hannah More Academy. Many manuscripts are collected with galley and proof sets and marked heavily with holograph annotations.

Correspondence in the collection is both personal and professional. Personal correspondence consists of letters and aerogrammes to family (mother, wife, and children) and literary friends, such as Selden Rodman, Susan Sontag, Donald Swann, Rex Stout, and Sinclair Lewis. Professional correspondence, collected mainly between 1946 and 1964, concerns publishing efforts, lecture arrangements, review commissions, and permissions. Correspondence with Random House, Hastings House, Western Publishing, and Dell Publishing is also present, as are letters to Bennett Cerf and Mavis McIntosh (literary representative). Of special note is correspondence with the 1968 Pulitzer Prize Award Committee.

The collection's printed materials consist of newspaper and magazine reviews, articles, advertising and publicity items, and conference materials. Collected articles appear in American Scholar, The Critic, The New York Times Book Review, Los Angeles Times, South Kent Quarterly, and other publications. Of particular note are comprehensive materials regarding The Theatre Ring and the 125th anniversary of The Burlington Free Press, for which Fuller was commissioned to do historical sketches of Vermont.   

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes an aviation scrapbook, copies of a high school magazine in which Fuller was published, and a harmonica music book. Also present are diplomas for the spelling bee and graduation certificates for elementary school, sixth grade, and a Wilmington, DE high school, respectively. Other items include examination books and assorted juvenilia from daughter, Meredith.

The collection includes various legal documents, such as property contracts, an acting contract, and farm sale agreements. Assignment sheets transferring rights to Fuller's books from Western Publishing to Dell Publishing are collected, as well.

Financial materials consist of royalty statements, cancelled checks, assorted bills, and a state invoice form. Also present are documents pertaining to Fuller's farm sale and son Edmund's Harvard term bills.

Photographs in the collection capture Fuller with Dr. Charles Akers, Ann Paton, and William Russell. Color photographs of Ann (and Edmund) Fuller, Frank and Lucille Capra, and Tom and Ann Andrews, as well as an inscribed photo of Dorothy Canfield Fisher, constitute additional photographic materials.

The collection includes three diaries kept between 1931 and 1933, as well as four diaries containing ideas for Fuller's then-future book on Vermont (1948-1951).

Miscellaneous items in the collection include a tape recording of a conversation between Fuller and Loren Eiseley, freelance drawings, assorted book jackets, and a cow registration form.
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