Gellhorn, Martha (1908-1998)
The Martha Gellhorn collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, journals and diaries, printed material, professional material, financial material, photographs, audio, video, and other material.

Manuscripts in the collection include book-length works, short stories, articles, and other works. Novels and other fiction include Peace on Earth (unpublished, 1937); The Wine of Astonishment (Scribner, 1948), also published as Point of No Return (New American Library, 1989); an unfinished novel set in Mexico (1952-1966); Two by Two (Simon and Schuster, 1958); On Balance, an unfinished novel set in Africa (1963-1964); Pretty Tales for Tired People (Simon and Schuster, 1965); an unfinished novel about Diana Jamieson (1973-1975); The Weather in Africa (Penguin, 1978; Dodd, 1980); Ways and Means, an unfinished novel; an unfinished novel set in the Caribbean; Package Tons, a novella; and various short stories and fragments. Non-fiction includes The Face of War (Simon and Schuster, 1959; revised edition, Atlantic Monthly Press, 1986); Travels with Myself and Another (Penguin, 1978; Dodd, 1979); The View from the Ground (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1986); and numerous articles for various periodicals, some unpublished.

Other works include unpublished juvenlila (pre-1936); a report (in letter form) to “a friend in intelligence” (ca. 1942); Love Goes to the Press, a three-act comedy written with Virginia Cowles (1946); a review of Alvah Bessie’s book The Symbol ; a speech made at the dedication of Mugar Memorial Library, upon being made a Fellow of Boston University (1966); two speeches given in support of George McGovern (1972); and material regarding the FBI and CIA’s monitoring of Gellhorn.

Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters dating from 1914 to 1997. Included are letters to and from Ernest Hemingway (dated 1932-1947); some are copies. Also present are numerous letters received by various unemployed people, received while working on The Trouble I’ve Seen ; four notes exchanged with Lauren Bacall at a meeting of the U.N. Security Council (May 1965); several letters from readers; and many letters to and from her parents. Notable correspondents include H. G. Wells, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Algren, Leonard Bernstein, Adlai Stevenson, Patrick Hemingway, Anthony Eden, Bernard Berenson, Irwin Shaw, Jane Bowles, J. W. Fulbright, Ernest Gruening, George Kennan, Robert Graves, Moshe Dayan, Ward Just, Eugene J. McCarthy, Jules Dassin, George S. McGovern, Stuart Symington, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Journals and diaries in the collection are extensive. Included are Gellhorn’s diary notes from Mexico (June 1931); notes on England (ca. 1933); notes on the Spanish Civil War (1937-1938); her diary of a trip from France to Spain (1937); notes on World War II (1937-1945); notes on Berlin, used as the basis for an article for Collier’s (1945); notes on Poland, used as the basis for an article for the Atlantic Monthly (1960-1961); notes on Palestinian refugees (1961); diary notes on Spain (1961); notes on Germany, used as the basis for an article for the Atlantic Monthly (1962); notebooks on Africa (1962); notes on Uganda, used as the basis for an article for the Saturday Evening Post (1964); notebooks on Paris (1969); a journal (1969-1970); notes and notebooks on Israel (1971), the Arab-Israeli War, and the Six Day War; a diary for Paul Theroux regarding a trip by Gellhorn to Cuba; notes on sleep disturbances in torture survivors; notes on a lawsuit by Gellhorn against Hamilton (1993-1994); and other notes on various subjects (1929-1954).

Printed material in the collection includes material regarding the Spanish Civil War, including many articles and clippings; published wartime articles by Gellhorn from various periodicals (1936-1942); “Vietnam: A New Kind of War” (1966) and “Aspects of the Arab-Israeli War,” pamphlets with text by Gellhorn, reprinted from her original articles for the Manchester Guardian, with clippings of the articles; a program for a dinner to celebrate the bicentenary of the prohibition of slavery in Great Britain (1972); and various published articles by Gellhorn for The Guardian, The New York Times, Collier’s, Atlantic Monthly, The Saturday Evening Post, The New Republic, Harper’s Weekly, The Observer, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch .

Professional material in the collection includes various passports, press passes, and visas; address books and engagement books (1960-1961); desk diaries (1965-1967); copy of a press release for a press conference in England (1967); appointment books (1970-1972); date books (1973-1986, 1988-1992); and an inaugural committee press kit (1977).

Financial material in the collection includes stock certificates for Associated Magazine Contributors (1946); a notebook regarding Gellhorn’s finances (1963-1964); checkbooks with stubs and financial statements (1963-1964); bills, receipts, and canceled checks (1963-1964); various records and tax data (1962-1967); tax records, banking records, and receipts (1968-1994); and royalty records. Photographs in the collection include various images of Gellhorn (color and black and white), as well as her friends and family; these date from 1940 to 1991.

Other photos include several black and white prints and negatives regarding Vietnam, as well as an autographed photo of Harry S. Truman, two photos of refugees from the Spanish Civil War, photographs of Ernest Hemingway, and photos of China, Germany, Italy, and other locations.

Audio recordings in the collection include a reel-to-reel recording of Gellhorn at the Mugar Memorial Library dedication dinner (1966); cassette tapes of letters to Daniel Ellsberg from Israel (1970s); and cassette tapes of an oral history interview with Gellhorn, transcript included (1980).

Video recordings in the collection include VHS cassettes of interviews with Gellhorn conducted by the BBC in 1991 and ca. 1995. Other items in the collection include Gellhorn’s exam books from Bryn Mawr; a certificate of appreciation from the U.S. War Department (1947); a notebook kept by Vellz Illing (a German), with photos; papers regarding safaris and the building of Gellhorn’s home in Kenya; essays by African children from the Longonot Village School in Kenya, written for an essay contest sponsored by Gellhorn (1972); a scrapbook with various items on Gellhorn’s career; and research material on Vietnam, Spain, Cuba, and Latin America.
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