Gilbert, Michael (1912-2006)
The Michael Gilbert collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, legal materials, and scrapbooks. 

The collection includes manuscripts for novels and short fiction, as well as screenplays, stage plays, radio scripts, and film scripts.

Collected novel manuscripts include They Never Looked Inside (Hodder and Stoughton, 1955), The Doors Open (H&S, 1949), Small Bone Deceased (Harper, 1950), Death Has Deep Roots (H&S, 1951), Death in Captivity (H&S, 1952), Fear to Tread (Harper, 1952), Sky High (H&S, 1955), Be Shot for Sixpence (Harper, 1956), Blood and Judgment (H&S, 1959), The Crack in the Teacup (Harper, 1966), The Dust in the Heat (H&S, 1967), Game Without Rules (Harper&Row, 1967), Family Tomb (H&R, 1969), The Body of a Girl (H&R, 1973), Petrella at Q (H&R, 1977), and The Night of the Twelfth (Penguin, 1978). Other works, such as The Etruscan Net, F.J.R.C, The 92nd Tiger, The Curious Conspiracy, Into Battle, and Over and Out, have been published posthumously. 

Collected short fiction manuscripts include "Captain Crabtree," "The Clearners," ‘Envoi," "The Last Tenant," "Mutiny at Patton Street," "Coronation Year," "Fern and Bracker," "Decoy," "Enter the Vulter," "Good Old Monty," ‘The Good Shepherd," "Halfway House," "High Financy," "Judith," "Locard’s Principle," "The Mathematics of Murder,’ "The Message of the Stars," "On a Dead Man’s Chest," "Police Business," "A Problem in Ethics," "Ranulph Hall," "High Finance," "Rats Castle," "The Rules of the Game," "The Play’s the Thing," and "Tiger Country."
Collected screenplays include The Claimart, Crime of the Century, Game Without Rules, Blackmail is So Different, Death In Captivity, No Hiding Place, and Our Miss Sennet.

Collected stage plays include The Bad-Tempered King (autographed), The Bargain, Brief Thanksgiving (authographed), A Clean Kill, The Fall of Man, Flavit Dominus (autographed), The Man Who Was Unlucky at Cards, Rudell’s Night (autographed), The Shot in Question, and Trial Run. 

Collected radio scripts include "After the Fine Weather," "The Bargain," "Blackmail is So Different," "Death Has Deep Roots," "Doctor at Law," "The Man Who Could Not Sleep," "Stay of Execution," "The Waterloo Table," and "You Must Take Things Easy." Assorted dialogues are also present.

Additional material (drafts and fragments) is contained in manuscript notebooks, and many of the manuscripts include holograph corrections.

Collected manuscripts are primarily literary, including letters regarding books and various publishing efforts. In addition to correspondence with the Crime Writers Association, the collection includes untitled miscellaneous letters from 1927 to 1961 and 1997 to 2000.

The collection’s printed materials consist of various proofs, reviews, ads, newspaper and magazine clippings, and pamphlets. "Petrella at Q," published serially in Reveille, is present as well, alongside four obituaries.

Professional materials include series summaries, Monte San Martino Trust reports, a Chandler-related proposal, and biographical material.

Research materials concern nicotine and Luddesdown.

The collection includes 39 contracts dating from 1942 to 1998 and court transcripts, evidence, notes, and royalty statements regarding the executrix of Raymond Chandler.

Also present is a scrapbook in which Gilbert kept news clippings and reviews dating from 1947 to 1985.

Notable Figures
1. Gilbert, Michael Francis, 1912-2006
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