Glyn, Caroline (1947-1981)
The Caroline Glyn collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, and a legal document. 

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short fiction, and poems. Many manuscripts are typescript with holograph corrections.

Collected novel manuscripts include Don’t Knock the Corners Off (Coward McCann, 1964), The Peacemakers (Gollancz, 1973), In Him Was Life. Also included are The Godchild (unpublished) and Joseph Picard’s The Still Small Voice. Of special note is an unpublished fantasy novel (1972-73), which is accompanied by seven holograph notebooks, illustrations, and a watercolor.
Collected short fiction manuscripts include "Aux Caves de la Gironde," "The Dancing of Senora Lola," "December Rose," "A Divine Comedy," "The Dreaming at Silo Hill," "God of Abraham," "The Man of God," and "The Saddest Teddy-Bear."

Collected poetry manuscripts include "All Soul’s Day," "Cademon," "The Women," "Renata" (a seven part series), "Dark Night," "The Old Artist’s Prayer," and others. Assorted untitled poems and a collection titled "Poems from a Dark City" (included with a black and white watercolor) are included, as well.

Correspondence in the collection is both professional and personal. Of note are letters to and from Curtis Brown concerning the publication of The Still Small Voice; these letters chronicle progress of chapter translations, copyright acquisitions, and publisher solicitation. Glyn’s letters to her mother are also of interest—discussing life in Australia, her membership in the Anglican Community, literature, religion, painting and writings, and family concerns (1972-81).

Glyn’s personal memorabilia includes photos and a slide of The Prophet Elijah Exulting in the Wilderness (a painting by Glyn), as well as four hand-painted book marks/holy cards. 

Printed items in the collection include interviews, reviews (1964-68), newspaper articles, postcards, and printouts. Many items pertain to Glyn’s relationship with daughter, Susan, including Susan Glyn’s "Caroline Glyn, Novelist and Mystic" and "Susan and Caroline Glyn, A Collaboration between Mother and Daughter" (an article illustrated with color photographs of stained glass windows designed by Glyn).

Other items include printouts from Susan’s website and a postcard of a painting titled "The Holly and the Ivy."

Also present in the collection is a certificate of registration regarding the copyright renewal of "The Unicorn Girl."

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