Goldberg, Emanuel (1920-2004)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Emmanuel Goldberg collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, and other materials.

Goldberg’s manuscripts are collected in various notebooks and include writings published in Newsweek, Stars and Stripes, National Jewish Post, Jewish Advocate, Lynn Daily Evening Item, The Boston Globe, China Weekly Review, and The Boston Herald. Also present is a manuscript for Why Did Daddy Die?

The collection’s correspondence is mostly professional, often pertaining to Goldberg’s columns. Notables include Martin Luther King Jr., John Silber, Gen. Colin Powell, Isaac Asimov, and Henry Kissinger.  

Printed materials in the collection consist primarily of articles from The Cape Cod Times, The Boston Globe, including "Bill Clinton has to Go-now," "Blacks and Jews Can Mend Their Schism," ‘The Malcom X Story," and "Minorities Become Majorities in America." Some articles, such as "Administration Silent on Y2K," "Looking at 2000: Bush Wins Election, Dow Jones Exceeds 14,000, Cape Congestion Worsens," "Looking at 2001," document Goldberg’s popular New Year’s predictions.

The collection also features registration sheets for luncheons and meetings during for which Goldberg was the featured speaker, newspaper articles by other authors (Stephanie Foster and Wayne Woodlief), and obituaries for Charles Mahoney and Marian L. Shaffer. Additional printed items include two bound volumes of Stars and Stripes.

The collection’s professional materials include subject files, which consist of photos, newsclippings, correspondence, and other items. Files pertain to Brandies University, Boston College, Harvard, Public Relations Counseling, the City of Boston, and more. Files regarding Christian Herter and Boston University are particularly well developed. Other public relations items concern the JMFK Library, Mass General Hospital, the Franklin Management Corporation, and the Faulkner Hospital. Subject files for politics and Goldberg’s personal papers are collected, as well.
Other items include a press panorama and Sigma Delta Chi materials.

Notable Figures
1. Goldberg, Emanuel, 1920-2004
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