Goodman, George J. W. [Adam Smith] (1930-2014)
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The George J.W. Goodman collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, video materials, legal materials, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for books (fiction and non-fiction), articles, film and television scripts, and other items. Manuscripts, published frequently under the pseudonym "Adam Smith," are often typescript with holograph corrections and notes. 

Collected book manuscripts include The Money Game (Random House, 1968), Supermoney (Random, 1972), Powers of Mind (Random, 1975), and Paper Money (Summit Books, 1980). Drafts and notes regarding The Bubble Makers are also present.

Article manuscripts are collected at length from publications such as New York and The New York Times. Collected articles—including titles such as "The Mood of the Market," "How to Outwit the Computers and Beat the Current Market," "My Friend The Gnome of Zurich Says Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder, A Major Money Crisis is Gaining on You," and "Is That Money-Picking Knack Something in the Water in the Southland," among others—reveal Goodman’s prowess as an economic commentator.

Collected film and television scripts include "Gold Crisis," "Charlie," "Jack Perkins," and "The Americanization of Emily," as well as scripts for an ABC News broadcast and a PBS special.
Other manuscript items include assorted notes, fragments, reviews, introductions, and transcripts for interviews with individuals such as James Michener.

Also included are prepared documents regarding a speech given to the Boston University Friends of the Libraries and remarks and jokes that Goodman delivered upon receiving the Invisible hand Award at MIT.

Correspondence, collected primarily between 1967 and 1971, includes both professional and personal letters, though the majority of correspondence addresses publishers, agents, fellow writers, Harvard University. Notables include John Galbraith, William Buckley, Bennett Cerf, Penelope Orth, Warren Buffett, Joan Didion, Art Buchwald, Al "Jazzbo" Collins, Nicholas Faith, Walter Annenberg, Tom Wolfe, Dr. Howard Gotlieb, Henry Kissinger, and others.

The collection’s personal memorabilia includes Glassboro State College meeting minutes, an advertisement poster for "The Gnome of Zurich," a statement of earnings and contributions regarding the Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan, and an honorable mention certificate from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Printed materials in the collection consist of articles that Goodman produced for publications such as The Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, Esquire, and Publisher’s Weekly. Many printed items relate to Goodman/Smith’s "American Journal" column in New York. Additional items include advertisements, programs, cards, newsclips, reviews, and articles about Goodman. A 1998 annual report for MetLife is present, as well.

Collected professional materials include promotional cards, business documents, press releases and packets, press kits, stationary, and office forms. Also included are office files and interview transcripts pertaining to "Adam Smith China: Crossroads 2001." Other memos, sketches, and correspondence pertain to design and content planning for Goodman’s website.

The collection’s video materials include VHS cassettes of "Adam Smith: Russia – Threat or Promise?" and "Adam Smith China: Crossroads 2001." Other materials include betacam cassettes and masters of innumerable episodes of Adam Smith’s Money World, Adam Smith’s Financial Time, and Nightly Business Report, as well as a DVD of Dan Rather regarding the Goodman Lecture Series. 

Legal materials in the collection include various documents for Adam Smith TV programs and speaker release forms for Rev. Jesse Jackson and Frank McCourt.

The collection also includes 8 color photos, occasional royalty statements, assorted notebooks, and an audio cassette containing a commercial that Goodman read for the American Red Cross.  

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