Goodwin, Harold (1914-1990)
The Harold Goodwin collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and financial materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for books, short stories, articles, and other items. Collected book manuscripts include The Science Book of Space travel (Watts, 1955), Space: Frontier Unlimited (Van Nostrand, 1962), All About Rockets and Space Flight (Random House, 1964), The Images of Space (Holt, Rinehart, Winston & Co., 1965), and Challenge of the Seven Seas (Holt, Rinehart, Winston & Co., 1965). Manuscripts for books belonging to the Rick Brant Series (published by Grosset & Dunlap) and published under the pseudonym of John Blaine include The Wailing Octopus (1948), The Scarlet Lake Mystery (1958), The Pirates of Shan (1958), The Blue Ghost Mystery (1960), Rick Brant’s Science Projects (1960), The Egyptian Cat Mystery (1961), The Flaming Mountain (1962), The Flying Stingaree (1963), The Ruby Ray Mystery (1964), Rocket Jumper (1966), Danger Below (1968), and The Magic Talisman (rejected). Many manuscripts are typescript with holograph corrections and accompanied by style sheets, chapter headings, and galleys.

Short story manuscripts, published under the pseudonym of Shelby Grant, are collected extensively and include titles such as "Two in a Dream," ‘Out Guess My Heart," "Date in Desperation," "Only Two Can Dream," "Sing a Song of romance," "Be My Love Again," "Web of Lies," "The Street of a Thousand Eyes," and others.

Collected articles include bound combat reports (1942-45), articles for World Book Encyclopedia, and other random articles, such as "USIA and the Scientific Revolution," "The Military Space Threat and the Need for an Informed Public," and an untitled manuscript.

Additional manuscript items consist of synopses, a proposed newspaper column, an outline, and various holograph notes. 

The collection includes correspondence collected between 1950 and 1970, primarily from publishers, editors, and agents. Notables include Franklin Watts, James J. Haselma, Will H. Nault, Robert Zeleny, Henry Loomis, Claiborne Pell, and Taylor A. Pryor. Numerous undated letters, including some children’s fan letters, are also present.

Printed material in the collection consists of six magazines, a reproduction of S.S. Michelson’s The Velocity of Light, and assorted reviews, science articles, and publicity and research materials.

The collection also includes invoices, receipts, contracts, and expense listings dating from 1953 to 1972, many of which related to Franklin Watts, Random House, Holt Rinehart, and other publishers.  

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1. Goodwin, Harold L. (Harold Leland), 1914-
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