Gorham, Charles O. (1911-1975)
The Charles Gorham collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, notebooks and journals, and legal materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, non-fiction work, short stories, poetry, essays, and other items.

Collected novel manuscripts include The Gilded Hearse (Creative Age, 1948), The Gold of Their Bodies (Dial, 1954), Trial By Darkness (Dial, 1951), and Wine of Life (Dial, 1958). Also present is The Stranger in My Body (incomplete).

Collected short story manuscripts include "Breathing Spell," "A Date in Mirgorod," "Death Benefit-Fifty-Two-Twenty," "For All That I found There," "Grandfather’s Government Cane," "Hello Grandma," "Hometown Papers Please Copy," "Morning in Richmond Gardens," "Plenty for a Suit," ‘Something to Fight for," and numerous untitled items.

Collected poetry manuscripts include "As A #," "Currency Control," "For a Wild Goose," "Guernica In Hampshire," "The Patron Saint of Airmen," "Supplication," "The Veneration of Relics," and assorted drafts and fragments.

Collected essay manuscripts include "My Forgotten Book" and "A Note on Sinclair Lewis."
Additional items consist of The Gold of Their Bodies (a musical), untitled and unpublished items, fragments, and notes.

Correspondence in the collection (1938-72) is both personal and professional. Letters to and from friends and family are included alongside exchanges with various agents and editors. Notables include Lee Barker, Waldo Frank, Sinclair Lewis, Ken McCormick, Arthur Miller, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., Henry Volkening, and others. Of particular interest is Gorham’s personal wartime correspondence with wife, Ethel, maintained between 1939 and 1944, as well as correspondence with Albert F. Nussbaum. 

The collection includes personal memorabilia pertaining to Gorham’s military career, including pay records, a courtmartial transcript, discharges, orders, a photo of Gorham with Japanese residents, and other materials. Additional memorabilia includes a membership certificate for the Savage Club, a certificate honoring Gorham’s service (with printed signature of Pres. Gerald Ford, and various court-related items concerning The Gilded Hearse.

Printed materials in the collection consist of short stories—"Act of Kindness," "Home is O’Hara," "The Judge and Giovanni"—and reviews for The Gilded Hearse, Martha Crane, The Gold of Their Bodies, Wine of Life, Trial By Darkness, The Lion of Judah, and Leader at Large. A reprinted article by Deborah Gorham, "The Use Real Bullets: an American family’s experience of the Second World War," is present, as well.

Notebooks and journals in the collection thoroughly document Gorham’s WWII career as a navigator in RCAF, RAF, and the Eight Air Force. Holograph notes document various military missions, as well as general occurrences.

Also present in the collection are contracts and agreements for books written between 1946 and 1971.

Notable Figures
1. Gorham, Charles, 1911-1975
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