Gould, John (1908-2003)
The John Gould collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, photographs, artwork, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for books, short works, and other items. Manuscripts are frequently marked with holograph corrections.

Collected books manuscripts include Monstrous Depravity, Neither Hay Nor Grass, The Parables of Peter Partout, Pre-natal Care for Fathers, The Fastest Hound Dog in the State of Maine, Eine Gute Fahrt, The Jonesport Raffle, Twelve Grindstones, And One to Grow On, How to Scald a Hog, The Olde Down East Almanac, The Shag Bag, and others.

Collected short manuscripts consist of numerous pieces pertaining to Gould’s prolific career as a columnist, as well as various articles—many of which are untitled.

Additional items include manuscripts for essays, speeches, and radio broadcasts (such as "Winslow Homer in Maine").

Collected correspondence, ranging from 1908 to 1967, is widely varied and includes letters from fans, newsmen, editors, agents, and various publications and organizations. Notables include John H. Reed, E. Frederic Morrow, T. Morris Longstreth, and Edmund Gilligan, among others. In addition to literary letters, Gould also maintained correspondence with organizations such as the American Cancer Society.

Personal memorabilia in the collection consists primarily of juvenilia: awards and photographs, early school papers and report cards, notebooks, a school contest poster, a commencement invitation, and more. Also present is a WLAM souvenir booklet, a lodge membership certificate, a tabulation sheet for the Lisbon Bowling League, and a bill proposed by Gould to Maine legislature.
The collection’s printed materials include publicity items, newsclippings, reviews, and other items.
Publications in which Gould’s work appeared are collected at length, including the Boston Journal, The Brunswick Record, The Boston Herald, Clarion, The Scroll, Bowdoin Alumnus, Kennebec Journal, Atlantic, Down East Almanac, The Atlantic monthly, Book Reader, Everybody’s Digest, Esquire, Field and Stream, Reader’s Digest, Yankee, and others. Other items include book catalogues, a dust jacket, and various posters.

Collected photographs capture moments from Gould’s youth, a speech at the State Agricultural Convention, and other miscellaneous occurrences. A mounted photo of R.E. Gould (uncle and author) is also included.

Artwork in the collection includes original F.W. Saunders pen and ink drawings pertaining to Gould’s writings.

Also included in the collection are various items concerning R.E. Gould. Manuscripts for Yankee Boyhood, Yankee Drummer, Yankee Storekeeper, and Hiram and Fir’em, are included among correspondence, photographs, and a scrapbook.

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