Goytisolo, Juan (1931-2017)
The Juan Goytisolo collection includes manuscripts, notebooks, printed material, subject files, correspondence, and other items.

Manuscripts for novels by Goytisolo in the collection consist of his "Alvaro Mendiola trilogy": Señas de identitad (J. Moritz, 1966; translated by Gregory Rabassa under the title Marks of Identity and published by Grove, 1969); Reivindicación del conde don Julián (J. Moritz, 1970; translated by Helen R. Lane under the title Count Julian and published by Viking, 1974); and Juan sin terra (Seix Barral, 1975; translated by Helen R. Lane under the title Juan the Landless and published by Viking, 1977).

Included with the manuscripts for the novels are several other items used as research and background, including correspondence, photographs, printed material, and other items. Material regarding Señas de identitad includes a letter from Casilda Goytisolo, an illegitimate child (by a slave) and slave of Goytisolo’s great-grandfather; he is mentioned in chapter eight of Señas de identitad . Material regarding Reivindicación del conde don Julián includes a letter from Julio Cortazar and a letter from Carlos Fuentes, both to Goytisolo. Also present is the manuscript of a work titled Lectura del Espacio en Xemáa-el-FNA .

Other manuscripts by Goytisolo in the collection include the screenplay La Unica Respueta Lógica (“The Only Logical Answer”), based on the reportage of Norman Gall; Goytisolo’s prologue to Obra inglesa, by Jose Maria Blanco (Formentor, 1972); part one of Goytisolo’s essay collection Space in Motion (translated by Helen R. Lane; Lumen Books (1987); and several articles, autobiographical pieces, essays, reviews, short introductions, and related items.

Manuscripts by others in the collection includes various essays and theses regarding Goytisolo and his writings.

Notebooks in the collection consist of very early writings by Goytisolo. One notebooks includes writings toward two novels, dated ca. 1944 or 1945. Three other notebooks and a ledger consist of various notes and fragments, dated 1942-1948.
Printed material in the collection includes the published versions of Goytisolo’s early writings (labeled “primeras cuentos”) from 1949 to 1952, as well as reviews, articles, essays, interviews, stories, and other pieces published in France (1957-1968), Italy, Eastern Europe (1951-1965), England (1958-1963), Latin America (1959-1963), Spain (1954-1965), Russia (1961-1967), the United States (1960-1967), items regarding Goytisolo’s visits to Cuba (1961, 1962), his various writings on political and social issues (1959-1969), and articles and reviews regarding Goytisolo and his work (1955-1969). Additional printed items by Goytisolo date into the 1970s.

Other printed items in the collection include several essays, reviews, theses, and articles regarding Goytisolo’s writings, published in various sources, including “Juan Goytisolo: La Lengua Comun” by Carlos Fuentes, published in La Nueva Novela Hispano Americana (1969).

Subject files in the collection consist of various items arranged by Goytisolo, including manuscripts, photographs, letters, and printed items. Subjects include a “polémica” in the periodical Pueblo on the occasion of the detention of Goytisolo’s brother Louis Goytisolo (1960); incidents in Milan and the resulting issues with the Spanish press (1961); and attacks on Goytisolo in the Spanish press (1962-1968).
Correspondence in the collection consists of various letters to and from Goytisolo, primarily literary in nature. Notable correspondents include Carlos Fuentes, Octavio Paz, and Mario Vargas Llosa.

Other items in the collection include photographs of the house Goytisolo occupied between 1939 and 1952; Goytisolo’s medical exam for his U.S. visa application; and one reel of 16mm color film titled “Espagne – 1959, 1960, 1962.”
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