Groueff, Stephane (1922-2006)
The Stephane Groueff collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, legal materials, financial materials, audio materials, photographs, diaries and journals, notebooks, and other materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for books, articles and essays, interview transcripts, and other items.

Collected book manuscripts include L’Homme et le cosmos, L’Homme et la mer (Presses de la Cite, 1973), L’Homme et la terre, Les Ministres du Crime (Julliard et Paris-match, 1969), My Odyssey, and Manhattan Project: The Untold Story of the Making of the Atomic Bomb (Little, Brown, 1967).

The collection includes manuscripts for many articles and essays that Groueff produced for the Paris-Match during his tenure as the New York Bureau Chief. Items were dispatched to Paris in telegram form and include titles such as "Andrea Doria," "Cape-Canaveral: Un Port vers L’Espace," "Hair, Nus a Broadway," "Harlem," ‘Nixon, Cambodge, Protestations, etc…," "La Recit de Rene Wassink," ‘Le Voyage de Nelson Rockefeller," and assorted untitled articles pertaining to JFK, Nixon, LBJ, black ghettos in America, Franco-American relations, and more.

Transcripts of interviews that Groueff conducted for Manhattan Project are collected at length. The 60+ transcripts include figures such as Dr. Philip Abelson, John Arnold, Dr. Robert F. Bacher, Clarke E. Center, Gilbert P. Church, Tom Gary, Dan Friel, George Kistiakowsky, Gen. James Marshall, Dr. Alfred Nier, Wallace Reynolds, Cyril Smith, and Jimmie Vale.

Also present are shorter works ("Biography of a Mouse," "Broadway," "Compulsion"); assorted notes and fragments; and manuscripts by others, including John Coster-Muller’s "Atomic Bombs" and Philip Hughes "Power and Deviance in the Scientific Enterprise: The Case of the Manhattan Project."

The collection includes correspondence dating from 1957 to 2002. Materials are primarily literary and professional—addressing matters of publication, research, editing, and translation. Notables include Dominique Lapierre, Claiborne Pell, Vannevar Bush, Mary Lasker, and Diana Vreeland. 
Personal memorabilia in the collection consists of Groueff’s honorary degree from American university, a commencement ceremony program from the University of Bulgaria, and speeches given in the Bulgarian Embassy and Washington, D.C.

The collection’s printed materials include newsclippings, reviews, pamphlets, advertisements, catalogs, articles, and more. Of particular interest are materials regarding Crown of Thorns: The Reign of King Boris III of Bulgaria 1918-1943; bound booklets regarding War Construction projects; articles authored and co-authored by Groueff for Paris-Match and Candide; proofs of My Odyssey; and newsclippings regarding the Mafia in America and the Pakistan-India conflict. Collected publications include Argosy, Balkan, Quest, Realities, Japan, Life International, Explorer’s Journal, Sky and Telescope, and more.  

Professional materials in the collection consist of press cables, meeting minutes, and reports on Bulgarian elections, space colonization, and high-energy astronomy. Business cards, fact and news sheets, and press passes to the Marine Technological Society and Fourth Annual Photojournalism Conference are present, as well. Extensive subject files for Groueff’s books constitute additional material.

Research materials are collected under titles such as "Cuba, 8 Mois apres La Victore Fidel castro," "L’Evolution," "La Fin du Monde," Les Algues, L’Universe, LaVie, and Villesse et Mort, among others.
Collected legal materials pertain to La Secretaire de la Section de commerce du Conseil de Prud’hommes de Paris; Recepisse de la Declaration d’Appel; and Cour d’Appel de Paris.

A copied contract between Groueff and Rene Julliard regarding a book on organized crime in America is also present.

Collected financial materials consist of expense sheets, statements, receipts, check deposits, withdrawal slips, and seven check books.

Audio materials are collected on ¼" reel-to-reels and contain extensive interviews concerning Manhattan Project (see transcripts). Other titles include "Mr. J.R. Chapman, Stene & Webster Engineer," "The Search for Atomic Power," "Anniversary Cuts," "Robert Oppenheimer, Princeton," and "Apres Clarence Johnson."

Photographs in the collection include black and white and color prints, slides, transparencies, and negatives for book illustrations. Photos are almost exclusively science related, capturing workers, test sites, and research and development activities for the atomic bomb. Printed photos of the Los Alamos landscape are also present, as is a photo of Groueff.

The collection also includes daily planners (1981-83), containing holograph notes.

Other notebooks contain receipts, bills, and expense account notes (1964-66) and notes pertaining to Manhattan Project.

Miscellaneous materials include Paris-Match stationary, a polar regions atlas, oversized materials (photocopies and photos), and a photo of Monroe/Dimaggio divorce papers.

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