Guido, Beatriz (1924-1988)
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The Beatriz Guido collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, and an audio cassette.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, non-fiction works, screenplays, and other items.  
Collected novel manuscripts include La Caida (1958), La Mano en la Tampa (Losada, 1961), El Incendio y Las Visperas (Losada, 1965), and Escandolos Soledades (Losada, 1970).

Collected non-fiction works include "Geopolitica Nacional," "Pactos y Claudicaciones, ya Honestos ya Deshonestos," and an untitled item.

Collected screenplays include El Ojo de la Cerraura, Homeneje a la Hora de la Siesta, Fin de Fiesta, and others.

Other items include "La casa del Angel," "Piel de Verano," "La Terraza," and an untitled interview transcript.

Collected correspondence consists of two letters from 1969 and 1972, as well as one undated letter.

Printed materials in the collection include book covers and Cuadernos de Comentario (1952-68).

Professional materials are constituted by subject files on Torre Nillson, Beatriz Guido, and film reviews.

The collection also contains an audio cassette regarding Guido’s "Fantasmas."

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1. Guido, Beatriz
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