Gulik, Robert H. van (1910-1967)
The Robert Hans van Gulik collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, artwork, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts pertaining largely to van Gulik’s Judge Dee detective novels. Collected titles include The Chinese Maze Murders (1950), The Chinese Lake Murders (1952), The Chinese Gold Murders (1956), The Chinese Bell Murders (1958), The Chinese Nail Murders (1958), The Haunted Monastery (1959), The Red Pavilion (1959), Murder in Canton (1962), The Willow Pattern (1963), The Phantom of the Temple (1965), The Necklace and the Calabash (1967), and Poets and Murder (1967). Also included are van Gulik’s “Remarks on My Judge Dee Novels,” and The Gibbon in China – An Essay in Chinese Animal Lore (1967, collected with 70 notecards containing Chinese characters). Many manuscripts are typescript with holograph corrections, though some are entirely in holograph. 

Collected correspondence, composed in Dutch, consists of letters to a certain Dr. A.D.A. de Kat Angelino.

The collection’s printed materials consist of articles by van Gulik (such as “The Mango ‘Trick’ in China: an essay on "Taoist Magic" and "Yin-ring und yin-ting"), selected poems, and translations. A biographical document and a 2004 article titled “Love Is Blind: Political Views Expressed by Robert H. van Gulik” constitute additional printed items.

Over 70 pen and pencil sketches created by van Gulik for the Judge Dee novels are included, each marked with holograph notes and collected with typescript explanations.

Other items in the collection include a bound scrapbook containing printed materials, articles, and poems (1925-33), a bibliography prepared by Miss A.M. Evers, and two photographs of van Gulik in full diplomatic dress.
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1. Gulik, Robert Hans Van, 1910-1967
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