Habe, Hans (1911-1977)
The Hans Habe collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, research materials, photographs, scrapbooks, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for many of Habe’s novels, in both English and German: ABITUR=ARBEIT, Der Tod in Texas, Die Grafin Tarnowska, Der Tatbestand, Die Mission, Off Limits, The Mission, and The Devil’s Agent. Other items include partial manuscripts for Christopher und Sein Vater, The Countess (incomplete), Ich Stelle Mich (autobiography, incomplete), and “Port of London” (in braille). Occasional lecture transcripts are also present.

Correspondence is largely literary and regards many of Habe’s published works. Notables include Erika Mann, Rainer Barzel, Heinrich Boll, Lion Feuchtwanger, Harry Golden, Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalgeri, Robert F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, and Theodore Kollek. Of particular note are letters from Habe’s secretary to Rev. Cornelius Greenway and a letter from Cyril Clemens informing Habe of his election as a Knight of Mark Twain.

The collection contains an array of personal memorabilia—a medal from Jerusalem; a statue of Madonna and Child; and various busts. Also included are distinctions that Habe received from the US Army (Award of Bronze Star and Award of Oakleaf) and Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg (Award of Croix-de-guerre de Luxembourg).  

Printed materials in the collection include articles by and about Habe, reviews, proofs, newsclippings, advertisements, and more. Journals, publicity materials (both Danish and German), an American translation of The Wounded Land, and a printed pamphlet titled “Gesprek met Hans Habe” constitute additional materials.

Materials pertaining to Habe’s extensive Countess research—including clippings, questions of the Church, photographs, geographical data, trial information, and family histories—are collected here, alongside occasional documents pertaining to Ilona.

Collected photographs capture various aspects of Habe’s personal life, including his home in Switzerland, objects from his art collection, and his wife, Licci. Also present are stills from movie productions of Seduction of the Minors, The Ambassadress, and The Countess. Notables include Arthur Rubinstein, Romy Schneider, Melissa Mell, and Hans Söhnker.

Scrapbooks in the collection include clippings of articles by and about Habe during WWII years, reviews of various novels, and reports and interviews from a lecture tour that Habe participated in for the War Department.

A black ring binder containing unused, holograph Countess pages; an audio tape titled “Jack Oakie Lecture with Jerry Lewis,” and a menorah constitute additional materials.
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1. Habe, Hans, 1911-1977
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