Haislip, Harvey (1889-1978)
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The Harvey Haislip collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, and printed materials.

The collection includes correspondence for novels, short stories, screenplays, and other items.

Collected novel manuscripts include To Destroy A Man, Sea Road to Yorktown, Escape from Java, The great Wall, Hands Across the Border, Operation Highjump, Stormy Paradise, A Naval Saga, Trial at Spithead, The Valor of Inexperience, Flat-Top, Cargo of Innocents, The Harbourmaster, Flying Fish, Flight Command, and Duel in the Atlantic. Unpublished manuscripts consist of A Stitch in Time, Roll Call of Knights, Rendezvous in the Atlantic, Periscope Patrol, and Catwalk.

Collected short story manuscripts include "The Ship that Found Herself," "Asking for Disaster," "A Memory of Ships," "A Midshipman with John Paul Hones," "Yangtze Sailor—Go Home!," and "Z (Like in Zumwalt)."

Collected screenplays (and related outlines) include Swept Channel, Roaring River, Somebody Here!, With Colors Flying, Action Below Decks, and The Panama Trail.

Other manuscript items include an untitled play, Able Seaman Reilley (unproduced play), Lodestar (unproduced radio play), and His Majesty’s Airship R-34 (an actual account).

Collected correspondence is primarily literary, concerning publication efforts with Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., though other letters address Haislip’s agent and contemporaries. Notables include Frank L. Austi, Clayton R. Barrow, Thomas Wheeler, C.D. Brand, and Samuel D. Stewart.

Printed materials include short stories, an article titled "A Memory of Ships," a playbill for The Long Watch, and reprints from the United States Naval Institute Proceedings.

Other items include maps pertaining to The Bon Homme Richard and the South Pacific area during the invasion of Indonesia.
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