Halliday-Borkowski, Miriam (1930-2002)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Miriam Halliday-Borkowski collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials, film and video, audio materials, photographs, artwork, diaries and journals, and miscellaneous items.

Manuscripts in the collection pertain to Halliday-Borkowski’s poetry (Buddha Stone Love), musical inclinations (settings and pieces), teaching career ("Philosophy of Education"), and personal experiences ("You Will Not Die"). Fragmented drafts, composition books, and manuscripts by others are present, as well.

Collected correspondence is both personal and professional. Letters to family, friends, and students are collected alongside correspondence with teachers, publishers, organizations, and schools. Notables include Dr. Howard Gotlieb and Lama Tharchin Rinpoche.

The collection’s personal memorabilia represents all different aspects of Halliday-Borkowski’s life. Items range from ordinary (tickets, poems, and a huge collection of children’s poetry, art, and stories), to noteworthy (Halliday-Borkowski’s Rutger’s diploma), to the unusual (toothpaste box, grocery lists, an envelope with dried foliage). Clothing items, rosary beads, and a rose quartz stone constitute additional items.

Printed materials in the collection consist of articles, clippings, and advertisements, as well as choral music, sheet music, and various maps. Also included are numerous books, such as Mary Ground’s Grass Woman Stories, Zoltan Kodaly’s 333 Reading Exercises, Shems Friendlander’s 99 Names of Allah, I Ching, and a Spanish Bible.

Collected professional materials include Halliday-Borkowski’s resume and references; applications for CEDU Family of Services and a library assistant position; copies of recommendation letters from Rutger’s University; copies of business cards; and a flier for Tai Chi Chaun class taught by Halliday-Borkowski.

The collection’s legal materials include a Decree of Divorce, a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, living wills, and publication agreements for Michael Larsen.

Financial materials in the collection include materials from the IRS, a paycheck stub, a mortgage statement, tax returns, receipts, Payroll documents, and medical bills.

Film and video items are recorded on VHS and collected under titles such as "John of God," "Cancer Conquerors," "Advancement Alternatives," "Falun Gong Exercise Teaching," and "Wellness: Restore Your Vitality with Chi Kung."

Collected audio materials include cassette tapes (of Tom Waits, Patty Walters, and jazz piano) and CDs (of Marien McPartland, Luther Allison, and Chinese music).

Photographs in the collection include black and white and color prints, as well as negatives. Photos document Korean students, various travels, and Halliday-Borkowski’s family and friends.

The collection includes artwork by Halliday-Borkowski (a collage) as well as signed and inscribed prints by Cole David. Two watercolors, drawings from children that Halliday-Borkowski taught in Seoul, Korea, and assorted paintings and sketches are present, as well.

Diaries and journals are collected extensively. Of particular note is a series of notebooks catalogued by Halliday-Borkowski as "Day and Night Book," which contains over fifty volumes. Notebooks pertaining to Halliday-Borkowski’s Korean teaching career are also included. Additional materials consist of various journals, notebooks, and a large notebook of sheet music.

Miscellaneous items include manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, journals, and other materials belonging to Caitlin Larsen. Supplementary miscellany consists of a postcard of Paul Robeson; a metal Buddha; a University of Idaho campus map; and a Joe DiMaggio pin.
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1. Halliday-Borkowski, Miriam
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