Hallinan, Nancy (1921- )
The Nancy Hallinan collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials, audio materials, photographs, notebooks, scrapbooks, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for full-length works, short stories, and other items.
Collected full-length manuscripts include Ryiochi Sasakawa: A Biography, Paxton’s Gift, Listen Sister, and The Heart Sees Double (short stories collection). 

Collected short story manuscripts include "Ad Club Assignment," "Off the Road," "Page One," "By-Line," and "The Katyn Massacre."

Other items include "The Happier Eden" (a play), "An Evaluation of Rhythm in a Theory of Musical Aesthetics," Hallinan’s early writings, and assorted fragments and untitled drafts.
The collection includes correspondence kept between 1923 and 2002. Professional correspondence concerns the publication of short stories and longer works, as well as submissions and agent responsibilities. Notables include Harry Smith and Victor Gollancz. More personal correspondence is addressed to lovers, close friends, family, and Vassar classmates. Hallinan’s engagement and wedding announcements are present, as well. 

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes various academic items, a Mensa file, and two Vassar yearbooks (1941-42). Of particular note is Hallinan’s O. Henry Prize.

Collected printed materials include Pace Press clippings, book jackets, and publications such as American Helicopter, Manchester Guardian, and Parents’ Magazine. Additional items pertain to Pace University courses.

Also present are professional materials regarding literary contests, references, appointments, and job searches. Various documents pertaining to the MacDowell Colony are included, as well.

Legal materials consist of a ledger, a purchase statement of Hallinan’s Belmar, NJ home, and a 1990 will giving Hallinan’s daughter the power of attorney, approving the donation of Hallinan’s body to Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

A Vassar college bank book, assorted payment and bank statements, and checks constitute the collection’s financial material. 

Collected audio materials capture performances by the Vassar choir and King Edward VIII’s abdication speech.

Photographs in the collection document Hallinan’s childhood, London and Ireland, family, and Hallinan’s wedding.

The collection’s notebooks, kept mainly between 1970 and 1990, consist of spiral bound books (1981-88), date books (1970-87), account books (1980-86), and various untitled notebooks. Of particular note are notebooks documenting life at South Hampstead High School and two diaries maintained during Hallinan’s tutor-companion jobs (1939-40).

Scrapbooks document Hallinan’s departure for Vassar; Vassar musicals and performances; articles written for The Binghampton Sun; and newsclippings pertaining to the coronation of King George VI and the Windsor Tapestry.

Miscellaneous items include telephone conversations (1980-81), a "cast of characters" notebook, and Hallinan’s baby teeth.
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