Hawley, Cameron (1905-1969)
The Cameron Hawley collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, financial materials, photographs, journals, and other materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, radio scripts, television scripts, articles, and speeches.

Collected novel manuscripts include Executive Suite (Houghton, 1952), Cash McCall (Houghton, 1955), The Lincoln Lords (Little, Brown, 1960), The Hurricane Years and (Little, Brown, 1968).

Collected short stories include "No Matter Where They Are," "The High Wall," "Not Every Woman’s Secret," "Half Holiday," "Pinky," "No Complaint," "To My Wife Elizabeth," "A Ring in His Nose," "Miss Millicent Brown," "You Never Asked Me," "The Woman Who Could Read Her Husband’s Mind," and "River of Flames," among others. 

Collected radio scripts manuscripts (mimeographed) pertain to "The Armstrong theatre of Today," with installments ranging between 1940 and 1944.

Collected television scripts include "The Skyrocket" and "The Big Day."

Collected article manuscripts include "The Fabulous Experiment," "Herbert Hoover, Jr.," "Words to Live By," "Carmine de Sapio," "Are We Driving Japan Into Red China’s Trap," "India Faces the Facts of Life," "An Enduring Shelter," and "Executive Suite Moviemaking."

Collected speech manuscripts include "Morality vs. Legality," "The Quality of Leadership," and "Politics, Power and Profit." "The Cameron Hawley Story," a Mel Horst script for The Cameron Awards, is also present.

Correspondence in the collection consists of typescript letters. Notables include Bruce Barton, Carmine de Sapio, A.R. Hahn, Helen Hayes, Martin heir, Herbert Hoover Jr., E.E Howard, and Upton Sinclair.

Printed materials in the collection consist of tearsheets of Hawley’s short stories and articles from publications such as McCall’s, Woman’s Home Companion, Saturday Evening Post, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Collier’s, Reader’s Digest, and more. Early articles about business are also collected, as are 16 biographical sketches (1957-60).

Financial materials in the collection document Hawley’s bill payments between 1971 and 1987.
Collected photographs (1928-68) include photographs of Hawley and movies. Others prints capture sports and sailing, family and childhood, and Hawley’s dogs.

Bound journals that Hawley maintained between 1950 and 1968 are also present, and document travels to India and Japan.

Miscellaneous items include legal papers, medical records, book-on-tape cassettes, an Abe Fisher sketch of Hawley, and a film reel of Hawley fishing for steelhead in Eugene, OR.
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1. Hawley, Cameron, 1905-1969
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