Herrick, William (1915-2004)
The William Herrick collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials, audio materials, photographs, and miscellaneous items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, and other items.
Collected novel manuscripts include The Itinerant (McGraw Hill, 1967), Strayhorn (McGraw, 1968), Hermanos (Simon & Schuster, 1969), The Last To Die (Simon & Schuster, 1971), Golcz (Columbia Publishing Company, 1976), Love and Terror (New Directions, 1981), Shadows and Wolves (New Directions, 1980), Kill Memory (Yankee, 1983), That’s Life  (New Directions, 1985), Jumping the Line (The University of Wisconsin Press, 1998), Bradovich, Clotile Flies High, That Single Way, Bindlestiff, A True Story, Naxor, The Good Red Horse, Jumping the Line: An American Life, The Single way That I Must Go, Love and Marriage (unpublished), Red (unpublished), and Lickety Split (unpublished).

Collected short story manuscripts include "Angelo di Vito," "The Blue Sweater," "The Golden Hand," "Miriam’s Giant Angle," "Rosalind," and others.

Additional manuscript items include various draft fragments, articles (mainly about the Spanish Civil War), reviews, eulogies, poems, speeches, and works by other authors. The Blindlestiif (screenplay) and Strayhorn (play) are also present, as is an item titled "Oliver Law: A Statement by William Herrick."

Correspondence in the collection (1962-2002) is both professional and personal. Letters to agents and publishers are collected alongside letters to fans and familiar correspondents. Notables include Susanna Marks, Eugene Mirabelli, Rebecca Sinkler, Joan Halperin, Paul Berman, William Kennedy, and Karl Wittfogel.

The collection’s personal memorabilia includes Herrick’s report card and early notebook, as well as a bullet from the Spanish Civil War. Herrick’s 1999 Audie Award for Jumping the Line (finalist in Best New Publisher) is also collected.

Articles, reviews, profiles, flyers, catalogs, proof fragments, advertisements, and booklets constitute the collection’s printed materials. Publications and periodicals containing works by or about Herrick include Chatham Courier, Congress Monthly, Hudson Valley, The New Leader, Berkshire Eagle, The New York Times, The Vineyard Gazette, Anarchist Review, Collage, Encounter, The New Criterion, The New Republic, and The Volunteer for Liberty, among others.

Professional materials consist largely of items pertaining to the Spanish Civil War and communism (correspondence, printed materials, research materials). Additional items include manuscript evaluation instructions, a questionnaire, an interview, Herrick’s CV, an address list, and an academic evaluation.

Collected research materials are well documented for Hermanos, including interviews; personnel lists for Companies 1-3 of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade; photographs; various legal documents; newsclippings; sketches; and a passenger list of the S.S. Normandie.

Legal materials in the collection include a memorandum of agreement for Jumping the Line; "Robin Crusoe Camps Bankruptcy" cour documents; and negative copies of Herrick’s military service certificate, military service card, and related photographs. A marriage certificate, separation agreement, and assorted certificates regarding Herrick’s son constitute additional items, along with approximately 30 literary contracts dating from 1966 to 1989.

The collection also includes numerous royalty statements (1968-98), a mortgage loan document, and assorted settlements and agreements.

Collected audio materials include an interview of Herrick on two cassette tapes. Of particular interest is an audio tape of Golcz, which was recorded for the Iowa Commission for the Blind. 

Photographs in the collection include personal items (black and white and color) and a passport photo. Also collected are black and white proof prints for an unknown book; a black and white Bradovich book cover; Herrick’s headshot; and assorted photos chronicling the Battle of Jaram.

Miscellaneous items consist of a United Behavioral Health letter; a notebook titled "The Story of S"; two Hebrew ticket stubs; and a human femur bone found by Herrick on a Spanish Civil War battlefield in 1965.  

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