Hoade, Martin (1916-2006)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Martin Hoade collection includes personal memorabilia, professional materials, film and video, audio materials, photographs, a notebook, and over-sized items.

The collection’s personal memorabilia consists primarily of awards, including: “The Broadcasting and Film Commission of the National council of the Churches of Christ Acknowledgement of Debt for ‘Frontiers of Faith, NBC-TV"; a Chicago International Film Festival Certificate of Merit; and The Robert E. Sherwood Award, among many others.
A 1994 “Venice: Views and Echoes" calendar constitutes the collection’s professional material.
Film and video in the collection is recorded on VHS tapes, U-Matic tapes, 8mm film reels, 16mm film reels, and Betamax cassette tapes and include titles such as “Francis of Assisi," “This Prisoner Barabbas," “The Brothers Karamazov," “The Lion’s Maw," and “The Legacy of Anne Frank" among others.

The collection’s audio materials are recorded on cassette tapes and pertain to subjects such as “Spanish Jewry," “The Eternal Light," and Elie Wiesel. Also present is “Emilio Tolentino, Abrahim Tolentino" on a 5" open reel.

Photographs, collected on slide films, document events across an unusual international landscape, capturing locations such as Barcelona, Brooklyn, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Jordon, Paris, Sweden, and other locations. 

A notebook titled “Post Production Notebook for A Talent of Life – The Jews of the Italian Renaissance," is present, as well.

The collection also includes over-sized personal memorabilia. Items include a Ohio State awards from 1976 and 1969; an honorable mention from The Twenty-Second American Exhibition of Educational Radio-Television Programs; and an “Expression of Gratitude from The Faculty, Board of Directors, and Board of Overseers of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America."
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