Hodeir, Andre (1921-2011)
The Andre Hodeir collection consists of manuscripts, professional material, and legal material.

Manuscripts by Hodeir in the collection (all in French except where noted) include notebooks, drafts and proofs for the juvenile historical novels Les Aventures de la Chevaliere (Casterman, 1983), La Chevaliere et le Panache Blanc (Casterman, 1983), and three other unpublished La Chevaliere books; several notebooks and notes for the novels Play-back (Editions de Minuit, 1983), Musikant (Editions du Seuil, 1987), and Mat et Brian (1994); drafts and translations of the non-fiction works La Musique depuis Debussy (Presses Universitaires de France, 1961; translation by Noel Burch published as Since Debussy: A View of Contemporary Music, Grove, 1961); Jazzistiques (Editions Parenthese, 1984; translation by Noel Burch published as Toward Jazz, Grove, 1962); and Les Mondes du jazz (Union Generale d'Editions, 1970; translation by Noel Burch published as The Worlds of Jazz, Grove, 1972); and drafts, notes, and a notebook of writings on jazz for Larousse de la Musique.  Also present is the printed 1954 edition of Hodeir’s La Musique etrangere contemporaine (Presses Universitaires de France), heavily corrected by Hodeir in preparation for a new edition.

In addition, the collection includes several musical scores by Hodeir.  These include the original holograph score to Anna Livia Plurabelle (M.J.Q. Music, 1967), a jazz cantata from James Joyce’s novel Finnegan’s Wake.  The remaining scores are all photocopies.  Titles include Esquisse I (1954); On a Blues (1954); Evanescence (1957); On a Scale (1957); Triads (1957); Jazz Cantata (1958); The Alphabet (1960); Bagatelle (1969); Triplicite (1969); Cross Criss; Esquisse II; On a Standard; Paraphrase sur Saint-Tropez; Catalyse; Epilogue 1964; Masse Medium pour onze instruments; Fantaisie; Tension-Detente; and Bicinium.  Arrangements by Hodeir include Criss Cross; Parisian Thoroughfare; and Sanguine.

Professional material in the collection includes material by Hodier for the jazz composition course he taught at Harvard University in the summer of 1976.  These items include notes, a course outline, manuscripts, and copies of musical scores.

Legal material in the collection consists of a file of documents regarding a legal suit against Larousee de la Musique.
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1. Hodeir, André, 1921-2011
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