Horan, James D. (1914-1981)
The James D. Horan collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, photographs, scrapbooks, and other items.

The collection consists primarily of manuscripts for full-length works including Across the Cimarron (1956, Crown), Action Tonight -- The Story of the American Destroyer O'Bannon in the Pacific, Desperate Men (1949, Putnams; 1962, Doubleday), Desperate Years, The Great American West, Kings Rebel, The Other Side of the Coin, The Shadow Catcher, The U.S.S. Seawolf -- Submarine Raider of the Pacific (with Gerald Frank and J.M. Eckberg), The Right Image, The Pinkertons: The Detective Dynasty That Made History (1968, Crown), and Seek Out and Destroy (1954, Crown). Additional manuscript items include outlines of weekly installments for The D.A.'s Man (television series, 1958-59); an outline of The Tumbleweed Wagon (television); a chapter titled "The Story of Pryce Lewis -- Pinkerton's Union Spy"; and various notes and articles. Manuscripts are frequently marked with holograph corrections.

Collected printed materials include an array of magazines and newspapers, such as New York, The Roundup, Arizona Highways, Calico Print, The Collector, Missouri Historical Reviews, Oklahoma Today, and The Westerners Brand Book, among others. Page proofs, articles mentioning Horan, and promotional brochures are also present. Of particular interest is an extensive collection of rare book and manuscript dealer catalogs (1969-71), including Godspeed's, C.L. Robinson, J.E. Reynolds, and Edward Morrill and Son, that specialize in Western Americana and Civil War material -- many of which are considered valuable in their own right.

Photographs in the collection include 14 stereo photographs of Western Europe (1906); six original photographs of Plains Indians by Carpenter (a noted Indian photographer, 1890); and three exclusive photographs from the sealed files of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

Horan's scrapbooks include a number of rare 19th century news clippings concerning figures such as Wild Bill Hickock, Jefferson Davis, Daniel Boone, Stonewall Jackson, Mark Twain, Sitting Bull, and John D. Lee (and the Mountain Meadows massacre).

Other items in the collection include a pamphlet from The Royal Ballet's 1960 production of Cinderella; text and photographs from America's Forgotten Photographer: Timothy O'Sullivan; a Contura camera machine; and a Constat Process Developer.
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