Hoyt, Edwin P. (1923-2005)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Edwin P. Hoyt collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, photographs, and miscellany.

The collection includes manuscripts for full-length works, short stories, and other items.

Collected full-length manuscripts (both fiction and non-fiction) are documented extensively, spanning Hoyt's prolific career. Titles include One Penny Black, Marilyn – The Tragic Venus, Jumbos and Jackass, A Gentleman of Broadway, Men Beneath the Sea, Teddy Roosevelt in Africa, Condition: Critical, A Bugle Called Courage, Gabriel Heater, The Andersons at Bald Mt. Farm, Glorious Flattops, The Golden Pot, A Short History of Science, Army Without a Country, The Last Cruise of the Emden, James Monroe, Paul Robeson, Tragic Commodore, The Jewel Hunters, The Wealth of the Vanderbilts, Heroes of the Skies, The Guggenheims and the American Dream, The Typhoon That Stopped a War, P.T. Boats, The Foxes of the Sea, The Biography of Damon Runyon, The House of Morgan, Raider!, The American Attitude, U-Boats Offshore: When Hitler Struck America, The Amistad Affair, The Peabody Influence, Goering's War, and Triumph of Japan, among many others.  

Collected short story manuscripts include "The House," "Success Story," "Some of These Passengers," "The Teakwood Box," "The Merchant Kings," "The Old Master," "A Time in Chungking," and more.  

A play, The Last Days of a Mogul, is also present.

Other manuscripts items—many of which are unpublished—include outlines, drafts, novellas, articles, television plays, and radio shows. Manuscripts are often collected with relevant research and frequently marked with holograph corrections.

Correspondence in the collection (1955-70) consists of both personal and professional content. Letters to friends and family are collected alongside literary exchanges with editors, publishers, and fellow writers. Of particular note are queries and replies from high-ranking military personnel regarding WWII and letters to friends and family of Damon Runyon concerning Gentlemen of Broadway. Notables include Edward R. Murrow, Gabriel Heatter, J. Edgar Hoover, Abraham Ribicoff, Bennett Cerf, and Rex Stout.

The collection's personal memorabilia includes a 1939 yearbook, a bumper sticker, and assorted travel documents.

Printed materials in the collection consist of news clippings; book reviews; dust jackets; and articles that Hoyt contributed to The Denver Post during his stint as a foreign correspondent. Also present are various issues of Images of War Magazine, The Colonnade, Boy's Own Paper, Collier's, Skyways, Life, and a number of Japanese publications.

Professional materials in the collection are maintained in subject files -- the majority of which chronicle research that Hoyt conducted on military history.

Contracts between Hoyt and Stein and Day, as well as a contract belonging to Olga Hoyt (wife), constitute the collection's legal materials. Four of Hoyt's passports are also present.

Collected photographs capture Hoyt's first wife and family; World Wars I and II; and the Korean War.

Miscellaneous items include charts composed by Hoyt to document book ideas and publisher correspondence; a WWII soldier sewing kit; microfilm of WWII subjects; and assorted cassette tapes.

Items pertaining to Hoyt's wife are present, as well, such as a painting of Clifford W. Kuykendall (the sole survivor of USS Tullibee) by Olga Hoyt and an extensive collection of research materials for her full-length work on the Vietnam War.
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