Hubler, Richard G. (1912-1981)
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Richard Hubler collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed items, legal materials, financial materials, audio materials, and photographs.

The collection includes manuscripts for full-length works, short works, plays, poetry, and other items.

Collected full-length manuscripts include Alcibiades: A Study; American Odyssey, Thomas Randal Corbin; In All His Glory; Maimonides; The One I Hate Belongs to Somebody Else; The Pass; Seasons Four; Tough Day; Trail in the Dust; Truly Yours; Twelve Living Saints; Way Out to Lunch; The World’s Greatest Sportsman; Worm in the Brain; Wheeler: Trail in the Dust; South of the Moon; Three Rogues in History; and Blood and Purple, among others. Of particular note is the manuscript for Hubler’s Walt Disney biography, which was never cleared for print by the Disney family and remains unpublished.

Manuscripts for shorter works include titles such as “Alias Davy Crockett,” “Alone with His Dead,” “Another Child Star for Hollywood?” “Appendix,” “Astaire Still Dances,” “Bronks and Bronk Riders,” “The Bronze Knight,” “The Doctor Goes to Sea,” “Firebug,” “Gnomes,” “The Mad Fiddler,” “Old Age,” “Poetry,” “Shark Fighter,” “The Humor of Hollywood,” “The Problem of Semitism,” and many more.

Collected play manuscripts include Abe, Death Flies West, Final Approval, Flight 98, Head of the Family, Heiress for Sale, The Hero, Mammy, The Medical Officer Afloat, Nothing Rhymes with Courage, and Three Dollars, among others.  

Collected poetry manuscripts include “Fair Rosamond,” “Sonnets for a Season,” and “To Jerusalem,” as well as a number of additional, untitled poems by unknown authors.

Untitled books, fragments, screenplays, and teleplays, are also present, alongside manuscripts by Lucille R. Abernethy, Alfred A. Freeman, Harry Clark Gibson, Rock Hudson, Alan Ladd, Marie McDonald, Phyllis Oberlin, Berenice A. Radford, and Jane Wyman.

The collection includes Hubler’s correspondence (1944-68), often professional, with figures such as Margarette Akermark, Orville Goldner, Gaylord Burt, Herbert Hoover, Dean Acheson, William Sharp, Fred Astaire, and President Ronald Reagan. Also present are photocopies of Walt Disney’s correspondence that Hubler obtained during research for Disney’s biography.

Collected personal memorabilia consists of Hubler’s diploma from the Wyoming Seminary; various sketches and drawings; and notes pertaining to Hubler’s biography and bibliography.

The collection’s printed materials include magazine articles, news clippings, tearsheets, programs, notes, and more. Issues of publications to which Hubler contributed—including Blue Book, Esquire, Journal, Post, All Hands, and Scope—are collected, as well.

Legal materials in the collection are constituted by contracts from Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, and Hubler’s 1937 passport.

Also present are royalty statements that Hubler received for various works.

The collection includes a selection of reel-to-reel audio tapes, containing titles such as “The End” and Pride of Lions (an impromptu three-act play).

Collected photographs document a wide range of subject matter, from landscapes and a forest ranger’s station to the U.S. Marine Corp, from Jane Russell to sculpted busts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Other photographs capture Walt Disney and various Disney-related paraphernalia.

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