Hunter, Beatrice Trum (1918-2017)

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The Beatrice Trum Hunter collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, research materials, legal materials, audio materials, photographs, scrapbooks, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for many of Hunter’s full-length works, including The Natural Foods Cookbook (1961); Gardening without Poisons (1964); Consumer, Beware! (1971); The Natural Foods Primer (1971); Baking Sample (1972); Food Additives and Your Health (1972); Fact Book on Food Additives and Your Health (1972); Fact Book on Fermented Foods and Beverages (1973); Fact Book on Yogurt, Kefir, Tette and Other Milk Cultures (1973); Beatrice Trum Hunter’s Favorite Natural Foods (1974); Food and Your Health (1974); Prize-Winning Recipes from the Golden Harvest Kitchens (1974); The Mirage of Safety: Food Additives and Federal Policy (1975); A Primer of Whole Foods (2007); Infectious Connections (2009); Our Toxic Legacy (2011); and more. Also included are manuscripts for articles, essays, book-reviews, and television episodes, as well as a manuscript for Doris Grant’s Your Daily Food – Recipe for Survival (1973). Manuscripts are primarily typescript and often marked with holograph notes and corrections. Also included is a manuscript of Dr. Robert Lustig’s novel, Fat Chance, which Hunter critiqued.

Correspondence is both personal and professional dating from 1955 to 2016. Letters and postcards to friends and family are included alongside hundreds of letters from fans. Additional correspondence consists of business exchanges (regarding Hunter’s food and health books) and invitations to various lectures and events. Notables include Harry Bennett, Rachel Carson, James Cleveland, Adelle Davis, Roy Norr, and Louise de Wetter, among others.

Memorabilia consists of juvenilia (early school papers; school awards; a 1936 Jamaica High School yearbook); catalogues of courses and projects that Hunter has taught or assisted; and various medals, certificates, and awards. Notable distinctions include a 1972 plaque from the National Nutritional Foods Association; an R.T. French Award for The Natural Foods Primer (1972); numerous certificates from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the Environmental Health Care Organization; and a West Point plate. Also present are member cards to Green America, American Friends Service Committee, and LINEC Lifetime Member.

Printed materials include news clippings, reviews, pamphlets, booklets, programs, publicity items, dust jackets, posters, newsletters, internet printouts, and more. Also present are publications to which Hunter has contributed, such as Consumer Bulletin, Herald of Health, Hillsborough Messenger, Natural Food and Farming, Vermont Freeman, Health Today, Journal of the Soil Association, Land Bulletin, Modern Nutrition, The Old Farmers’ Almanac, Prevention, Journal of Exceptional Children, Outlook for the Blind, Harper’s Bazaar,  and others. News clippings and reviews mainly concern Hunter’s books. Other material covers a wide range of topics mainly concerning Hunter’s research for books, events she has attended, and publicity and press material for her book promotions.

Professional materials consist of materials regarding workshops, lectures, and conferences in which Hunter has participated. Keats publishing catalogues, address directories, and board meeting minutes for the Human Ecology Action League, Inc. (1996-2001) are present, as are materials collected during Hunter’s time on the doctoral committee of a UNH graduate student. Additional professional materials are maintained in subject files.

Research materials include pamphlets, recipes, printed materials, and food source information used by Hunter during the production of The Natural Foods Cookbook. Other general research covers agriculture, pathogens, food regulations, food packaging, environmental studies, and forest conservation. Also included is a spreadsheet of data and procedures for an experiment regarding water flow volume in Deering, NH.

Legal materials include Hunter’s driver’s license; AAA membership card; passports (1945, 1967); a receipt of a car registration; a contract; and a petition for a judicial settlement of account.

Audio materials, primarily cassettes, capture Hunter’s lectures and interviews, as well as events such as the 9th Annual Cancer Convention (1972) and the Conn. NFA meetings of 1961 (reel-to-reel tape).

Photographs include both black and white prints and color prints, and date from 1958 to 2015. Photographs document Hunter’s personal life, as well as various publicity opportunities and speaking engagements. Many photographs are organized in scrapbooks and albums.

Additional scrapbooks contain news clippings, reviews, dust jackets, and other materials regarding Hunter’s books and appearances on lecture circuits.

Other items include a VHS labeled “Presentations at Randolph Memorial Service, Spring ’95”; parking permits for a Dartmouth conference; and an appraisal of items donated to the Deering Historical Society.

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