Hunting, Constance (1925-2006)
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The Constance Hunting collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, financial materials, film and video, audio materials, photographs, diaries and journals, and miscellaneous items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short fiction, articles, and poetry.

Collected novel manuscripts include The Happy Summer Days; Malarkey!; The Air of Corby; Peripheral Visions: Memoirs of a Washington Childhood; and Hilda Gray.

Collected short fiction manuscripts include "Celebration," "The Cures at N—," "'…darling?'," "Downwards to Morning," "Grace Descending," "Great-Aunt Maggie, The Cuckoo Clock, and Time Turned Backward," "The Guardians of Civilization," "In the Den," "Love, Whose Month is Ever May," "The Romantics," "Up There," "Where the Brook and River Meet," "The Boy Who Could Not Pretend," and more.

Collected article manuscripts include "A House in Bloombury," "Questions of Revelation," and "The World Comes to Orono."

Collected poetry manuscripts include "After the Eclipse," "Dies Faustus," "The Find," "Hard Times," "Loot," "The Unknown Boy," "Killings: Easter Morning," "Maine Late November," "In March in Maine," "Beginning Again," "When She Visits," "The Kiss," "American Notes," "Transformational," "In the Tent," "Of His Young Mistress," "Near and Far," "The Accident of Farm," and  "All the Old Queens," among others. Additional poetry is collected in holograph notebooks (1932-1960) and various envelopes, including titles such as "Cimmerian 1967-1968," "Easter Morning 1969-1970," "Homage to Robert Lowell 1967-1968," "Stravinsky Collection, " and "Lowell Collection."

Miscellaneous manuscript items include various notes, works by other authors, and materials for Tribute to May Sarton, which consist of drafts by Hazel Hunley, Charlotte Mandell, Renee Curry, Lance Dean, Susan Alves, and others.

The collection includes Hunting's personal and professional correspondence. Many letters document Hunting's exchanges with husband Robert Hunting and notables such as William Carlos Williams, John Crowe Ransom, Mary Gray Hughes, Marianne Moore, Mark Harris, Winthrop Libby, Marjorie Kaplan, Ed Penley, Virginia Stanford, and Howard B. Gotlieb, among others.

Personal memorabilia in the collection consists of juvenilia (early writings; recital programs; Rhode Island Honor Society certificate; senior banquet program; graduation photographs); Hunting's engagement notice; and materials pertaining to Hunting's children. Also present are honors that Hunting has received, such as the Indiana University Writers' Conference award for After the Stravinsky Concert (most distinguished work of poetry by an Indiana author); a plaque given by the State of Maine recognizing Hunting's excellence in writing; and an Outstanding Faculty Award from the University of Maine.

The collection's printed materials include a wide range of newsclippings, reviews, booklets, pamphlets, programs, catalogs, bulletins, publicity materials, flyers, newsletters, maps, and posters. Also collected are publications in which Hunting's work appeared, such as Canadian Poetry Magazine, The Christian Century, College English, The Colorado Quarterly, Discourse, The Fiddlehead, The Goodly Co., Inscape, the Massachusetts Review, Modern Fiction Studies, Poetry, The Provincial, Quartet, The Sparrow, Western Humanities Review, and others. Many print items (issues and proofs) pertain to the Puckerbrush Review—a publication founded and edited by Hunting. A program from Hunting's memorial service is present, as well.

Collected professional materials consist of resumes; University of Maine Orono Department of English reviews of Hunting's classes; press releases; event schedules; and a Humanities Council grant request application. Of particular note is a collection of evaluations and recommendations by colleagues supporting Hunting's promotion to full professorship.

The collection also includes bills, royalty statements, invoices, and assorted financial statements and receipts for Puckerbrush.

Film and video in the collection is documented on VHS tapes. Subjects include the 75th birthday of Robert Hunting, the Mary Ann Hartman Awards, "A Good Read: Writers on Writing" (PBS series, 2000), "Barbara Pym: Out of the Wilderness," "Duncan Grant at Charleston," and "World of Light: A Portrait of May Sarton."

Collected audio cassettes contain interviews and readings by Hunting and other authors. The May Sarton memorial is also documented.

Photographs in the collection (black and white and color) are largely personal, capturing Hunting with family and friends (including Mary Gray Hughes) and various travels. Two contact sheets are present, as well.

Hunting maintained a number of holograph diaries and journals throughout her career, and the collection includes diaries filed under Christmas of 1988 and 1990, as well as additional untitled/undated notebooks and a guestbook.

Miscellaneous items in the collection include a passport; an empty perfume bottle; a black Jewish hat; a beekeeper's license; and holograph notes in an envelope titled "Pneumonia, 1964. Delirious most of a week."
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