Hutchins, Maude (1899-1991)
The Maude Hutchins collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, financial materials, legal materials, audio materials, photographs, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for full-length works, short works, plays, articles, speeches, and other items. Manuscripts are often holograph or marked with holograph corrections.

Collected full-length manuscripts include Georgiana (New Directions, 1948); A Diary of Love (New Directions, 1950); Blood on the Doves (Morrow, 1965); and The Unbelievers Downstairs (Morrow and Co., 1967). Manuscripts for Maise, My Hero, Victorine, Miss Pusey’s Villa, and Honey on the Moon are also included.

Collected short manuscripts include "The Wedding," "The Job," "The Cure," "The Conversation Piece," "The Man Next Door," "To Gloria," "Tonight My Love Is Coming," "Jacket," "The Elevator," "The Party," "The King’s English," "Alonso," "The Metamorphoses of Toto," "An Affair of Honor," "At Death’s Door," "The Best Years of My Life," "By the Sea," "French Wife in America," "From Morning till Night," "From the Missing Papers of an Extra Man," "Guernica," "The Help Gets the Legs," "The Mad Painter," "Soliloquy at Dinner," "These Innocents," and others.

Collected play scripts include Aunt Julia’s Caesar, The Case of Astrolabe, Joseph Smith, Jr., The Lady Testifies, Lady: Another Play Not to be Given, The Marriage of Toto, Mary Play, Mary Margaret Collins, The Miracle of Ann and the Snake, Napoleon Bonaparte, and The Wandering Jew.

Collected article manuscripts include "About the Visiting Nurse," "For Flying Vacation," "Is There a Child Artist?", and "Wilder Out of Joyce?"

Collected speech manuscripts include "Art and Aesthetics," "Diagrammatics," and "Gertrude Stein."

Also present are various reviews, notes, and poems, as well as works by other authors. Hutchins’s translations, such as "The Thomist Idea of Freedom" (lecture by Jacques Maritain), constitute additional manuscript items.

Correspondence in the collection, kept primarily between 1928 and 1971, document Hutchins’s personal and literary exchanges. Hutchins maintained correspondence with many of her contemporaries, such as Deane Keller, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Morgenthau, James R. Angell, Sibyl Colefax, Max Epstein, Malvina Hoffman, Arthur Allen, Alexander Woollcott, Nathan Milstein, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., Lillian Gish, Paulette Palmer, Bruce Catton, John Alden Carpenter, Rockwell Kent, Ernest Newman, John Crowe Ransom,  Allen Tate, Merrill Moore, Anais Nin, and Gertrude Stein. Of particular note is a Christmas card from Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt (1941).

The collection’s printed materials include clippings, tear sheets, reviews, and general publicity items (1932-1967). Printed items relating to Hutchins’s art interests consist of an "Erotic Art ‘66" program; Salvador Dali’s "Declaration of the Independence of the Imagination and the rights of Man to His Own Madness"; and a Salvador Dali exhibition catalog from the Gallery of Modern Art. Also present are print copies of Hutchins’s contributions (poetry, short story, play) from Niagara Fall Gazette, poetry, The New Yorker, Mademoiselle, Quarterly Review of Literature, Time, The Nation, and International Quarterly.

Hutchins’s general financial files are collected alongside royalty statements (1949-1971).
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1. Hutchins, Maude, 1899-1991
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