Kamarck, Lawrence (1927-2001)
The Lawrence Kamarck collection consists of manuscripts and correspondence.

Manuscripts for books by Kamarck in the collection include The Secret Circus, written with Richard Frede (Random House, 1967; Kamarck is not credited on the book); The Dinousaur (Random House, 1968); The Bellringer (Random House, 1969); The Zinsser Implant (Dial, 1978); andInformed Sources (Dial, 1979).  Also present are manuscripts for Kamarck’s stage play The Keeping of Philip (first produced at the Cricket Theatre in Minneapolis, MN, 1984).  Other manuscripts include several short stories.  Unpublished works include The Strange Butterflies of Dr. ZitzerREM StateMen’s RoomThe Mother’s SonAren’t We Having Fun?Spoken in Darkness(also called The Churchmen); A Spy ChronicleAmong Friends and EnemiesSunday Visits;Dream KillerSomeone Most EvilRandyThe TwoThe Final StepMurder in a Little More Detail;The Jade AxeOn the Tail of a DragonThe CommentatorThe Night ChildrenCharlie’s Kids;Betty Cooper’s Final Rules for Living Forever; The Goodbye ChildrenConversations on a Landing;Gail and the Red Wing FlorenceGodThe Island, written with Nicholas Verven; Crossing the Empty Square; and The Arrival of Lorin Phelps.  The manuscripts for Spoken in Darkness include printed material, correspondence, and notes.  In addition, the collection includes a draft of the novel Shooting an Elephant, by David Stuart Browne, dedicated to Kamarck.

Correspondence in the collection dates form 1961 to 1969.  Correspondents include Sterling Lord, Junius Adams, Blanche Gregory, Lee Wright, Lawrence Froiberg, and Monica McCall.
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