Kaufman, Bob (1925-1986)
The Bob Kaufman collection consists of audio recordings, artwork, printed material, and other material.

Audio recordings in the collection include a 45 rpm record titled “The Local Moon”; a three-compact disc set titled “The Beat Generation”; a two-compact disc set titled “Haight Ashbury”; a compact disc titled “When God Was Famous”; eighteen audio cassettes, many including readings by Kaufman, dating from 1962 to 1981 (several are not dated); and two tapes of interviews and poems done in tribute to Kaufman.

Artwork in the collection includes an original work by Kausol (1988); two prints bu an unknown artist; and an original painting on masonite by Russell Fitzgerald, done for Kaufman.

Printed material in the collection includes a mimeograph of “No Gods to Guide, No Herds to Follow” by Kaufman; a booklet titled “Street-bop-zen!!” by Tony Seymour; various articles and newspaper clippings; photocopies of music related to “Morning Joy”; items regarding various poetry festivals and theater productions; four issues of the journal Beatitude, along with subscription forms and publicity material; and copies of various other literary journals.

Other material in the collection includes a proclamation for Bob Kaufman Day in San Francisco, signed by Diane Feinstein, dated April 11, 1987; correspondence; photographs; a sign for the Streetflare Journal; and other items.
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