Kennedy, Adam (1922-1997)

Adam Kennedy:

The Adam Kennedy collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials, and audio materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, screenplays and more.

Collected novel manuscripts include Barlow’s Kingdom (Trident Press, 1969; psued. John Redgate); The Domino Principle (Viking Press, 1975); The Killing Season (Simon & Schuster, 1967; Redgate); Maggie D: A Sexual History (Trident, 1973); The Scaffold (Trident, 1971); Somebody Else’s Wife (Simon, 1974); Love Song (Viking, 1976). Also present are manuscripts for The Kincaid Trilogy’s Passion Never Knows, Dancing in the Shadows, and Love Come No More. Additional items include Between Two Women, All the Happy Lovers, Somebody’s Fool, No Place to Cry, Love Left Over, Among the Bradshaws, The Fires of Summer, Raise the Titanic, Debt of Honor, Domino Vendetta, Exiles, In a Far Country, Report from an Unwed Father, and The Sins of Dorothy Melvin.

Collected short story manuscripts include "The Aftersummer," "The Day Bobby Kennedy Died," "Helga," "The Intelligent People," "Puppy," "Triptych," "The Ventriloquist," "The Virgin and the Sculptor," "The Water Pistol," and "The Writer Prepares."

Collected screenplays include The Domino Principle, The Dove, Deserter, Mayberly’s Kill, Mexicana Rose, Snowkill, Raise the Titanic, and The Second Kiss, which Kennedy adapted from the Gale Rogers Brown novel.

Other items include motion picture treatments ("Billy Now," "Between Two Women," "The Chocolate Cookie," "Grass," "Sleeping Over," "One Night Stand," "The Siege") and television serials ("Fargo’s Women," "The Morgon Place," "Apartment in Hollywood," "Roebuck"). Research notes regarding the Spanish Civil War and assorted interviews are also collected.

Kennedy’s correspondence consists of letters to his mother and wife (Susan), as well exchanges with contemporary authors, lawyers, actors, and publishers. Notables include Fred Bergman, Seymour Hacker, David Kirschenbaum, Robert Ayres Carter, John P. Connell, Roy Doliner, Paul Gitlin, Arthur T. Hadley, Richard T. Herd, and Howard Aldred Jones.

The collection’s printed materials include proofs of Kennedy’s novels, newsclippings, reviews, book jackets, and more. Issues of Genesis, Star Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Viking Press Catalogue, and Publisher’s Weekly are present, as well, alongside the Jonathan Cape Autumn & Winter Catalogue.

Collected professional materials are constituted by press releases for The Killing Season; a lecture and seminar schedule for Kennedy’s appearances at DePauw University; and a 1974 appointment book, with daily entries (holograph).

Legal materials in the collection include business contracts for The Killing Season with Jonathan Cape Publishers and Embassy Pictures.

Also present are Kennedy’s financial statements, as well as pension and insurance documentation.

Collected audio materials are recorded on cassette tapes. Items include Kennedy’s reading of Maggie D on WNYC Radio (1973) and a radio advertisement for Domino Principle.

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