Kennedy, Ludovic (1919-2009)

The Ludovic Kennedy collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, photographs, and scrapbooks.

The collection includes manuscripts novels, shorter works, and other items.

Collected novels manuscripts include All in the Mind, The Airman and the Carpenter, Lord Devlin, and On My Way to the Club.

Collected short manuscripts include “Four Naval Atrocities,” “Operation Primrose: The Story of the Capture of the Enigma Cypher Machine from Uiio,” and “The Life and Death of the Scharnhorst.”

Collected scripts include “God” (a musical) and “The Deceivers.”

Additional items are constituted by speeches, fragments, and manuscript by other (occasionally unknown) authors, including “The Last of the Rawalpindi.”

The collection organizes much of Kennedy’s correspondence by files, sorting letters into categories such as “Pre-1940,” “1960’s,” and “1970’s”; “Collins, Publishers,” “Gollancz,” and “Viking”; “Personal Letters,” and others. Kennedy’s professional correspondence (1971-2003) regarding On My Way to the Club may be of particular interest.

Printed materials include newsclippings, articles, and interviews, ranging from Lord Walton to Kennedy, from On My Way to the KVG Bismarck.

Collected professional materials consist largely of subject files, which collect items for over one hundred headings, including “Archives,” “Bismarck Ludovic Kennedy,” “French Law,” “Lindbergh Photographs,” “TV Interviews and Progs,” “33 Murders and 2 Immoral Earnings,” and many others. Daily planners (1965-2003), permission slips, and conference proceedings are present, as well.

Research materials consist of manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and more. Researched subjects include the Mehan Case; the Torbay (submarine) and admiral Miers’s alleged killings; and “Nicosian and Baralong 1915.” Of note are materials regarding “Heinz Eck and Peleus, 1944,” which include excerpts from the Nuremburg Trials and pardon petitions.

Photographs—consisting of black and white and color prints and slides—often pertain to naval history and capture the sinking of the Masahona as well as the Battle of Denmark Strait between KVG Bismarck and HMS Hood.  

Additional materials are collected in Kennedy’s scrapbooks. Scrapbooks such as “News Cutting Vol 3-5,” “Timothy John Evans Case,” and “Sunday Standard Articles” capture Kennedy’s professional accomplishments, while others account for moments in his personal life.  

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1. Kennedy, Ludovic, 1919-2009
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