Kipnis, Alexander (1891-1978)

The Alexander Kipnis collection consists of sheet music, correspondence, financial material, printed material, photographs, manuscripts, and other items.

Sheet music in the collection includes works by composers in various languages and from various time periods.  Included are Russian, German, English, Italian, and French works, as well as some Jewish folk songs. 

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters, dating from 1925 to 1981.  Notable correspondents include Leopold Stokowski, Alwin Tonkonogy, and Leopold Godowky.  Also of interest are letters to Kipnis from the Vorstand des Israelitischen Tempelverbandes, the Judisches Wohlfahrtspund Jugendamt, and the Wirtschaftshilfe der Judischen Gemeine, all from 1934.

Financial material in the collection consists of various documents, including tax forms, bank statements, ledgers, receipts, checks, and other records.  These items date from 1939 to 1981.

Printed material in the collection includes programs from performances for Alexander Kipnis, Igor Kipnis, and the Kipnis Opera Company, ca. 1941-1982; press releases and advertisements for Kipnis; promotional flyers and posters; newspaper clippings regarding Kipnis, 1938-1976, in English, Russian, and German; reviews of Kipnis’s performances; clippings regarding Igor Kipnis (1937-1978); and other items.

Photographs in collection consist of several prints, in black and white and color.  Included are images of Kipnis performing as well as images of his friends and family.  Also included are some photographs taken by Igor Kipnis (1946-1947).

Manuscripts in the collection include Chapter one of A Soul Unbound: The Autobiography of Alexander Kipnis; a short essay by Igor Kipnis titled “The Art of Alexander Kipnis”; and three transcripts of interviews with Kipnis – by Vivian Perls (Apr. 1, 1972); James A. Drake and Joseph Tempesta (June 3, 1972); and Alan Green, for the Oral History Library of the American Jewish Committee.

Additional material in the collection includes Kipnis’s calendars and daily planners (1937-1978); several contracts (1939-1946); six scrapbooks with photographs and newspaper clippings regarding Kipnis’s career (1930s-1940s); Kipnis’s Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Fairfield University, May 30, 1971; various documents regarding Kinpis’s naturalization and U.S. citizenship; various awards; genealogical materials; and other items.

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1. Kipnis, Alexander, 1891-1978
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