Koning, Hans (1924-2007)

The Hans Koning collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, legal materials, financial materials, notebooks, photographs, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, non-fiction books and articles, plays, films, and more.

Collected novel manuscripts include A Walk with Love and Death, N4, The Revolutionary, An American Romance, Death of a Schoolboy, The Petersburg-Cannes Express, America Made Me, The Kleber Flight, The Secret War of Jerome DeWitt, Acts of Faith, Pursuit of a Woman on the Hinge of History, Zeeland, and Night and Day, as well as Laura (unfinished) and The Irish Deserter (unpublished).

Collected non-fiction manuscripts include Love and Hate in China, Along the Roads of New Russia, Nineteen Sixty-Eight, The World of Vermeer, The Future of Che Geuvara, Columbus: His Enterprise, The Almost World, A New Yorker in Egypt, and The Conquest of America. Also present are journalistic articles such as “A Reporter at Large: The Bleeding Border,” “Antonio Joseph,” “Images of Haiti,” “Letter from Mexico City,” and “Rotterdam.”

Collected play scripts include The Blood-Red Café, Hermione, and A Woman of New York.

Collected screenplays include The Revolutionary, A Walk with Love and Death, I Know What I’m Doing, and Cherry (based on the novel by Rene Fallet).

Additional manuscript items include “A Day in the Life of Alexander Herzen” (teleplay); “The Iron Age” (short fiction); Koning’s translation of Willem Elsschot’s lymen-Het Been; and miscellaneous notes concerning plot ideas, research, and outlines.

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1952 to 2007 and includes both personal and professional content. In addition to letters with friends, fans, and family, the collection chronicles Koning’s exchanges with a variety of publishers. Of note are letters to Time-Life; Alfred Knopf (regarding The Affair); and Robert Gottlieb and Maria Leizer of Simon and Schuster (regarding a libel suit against I Know What I’m Doing).

Koning’s personal memorabilia consists of a canteen pass issued by the 21st Army Group; a testimonial of meritorious service (signed by a major of the British Army); a Photostat of a certificate from the Rector of the University of Paris; a document from the Ministerie van Onderwijs, Kunsten en Wetenschappen; a membership card from the Wilder Quaker Fellowship; and a transcript of Koning’s record at Barleus Gymnasium.

The collection’s printed materials include newsclippings, pamphlets, catalogues, brochures, page and galley proofs, and reviews (1958-2004). Items of note include Modern Dutch Poetry (pamphlet, ed. Koning); “Little Book of Comforts and Gripes” (booklet by Koning); FAR (official weekly of the Fathers of the American Revolution); and Koning’s poem, “The Mourning of Captain Johnston,” as printed in Partisan Review. Issues of publications in which Koning’s work appeared, such as Fiction International, Modern Times, Monthly Review, Antioch Review, De Tweede, American Writers Abroad, Lettre International, and O Erotice, constitute additional materials.

Koning’s professional materials—including manuscripts, correspondence, legal materials, financial materials, photographs, travel itineraries, schedules, and course proposals—are maintained in subject files. Many files document Koning’s relationship with the Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc, while others organize materials under headings such as “Acts of Faith,” “Essays on Publishing,” “Holland,” “New York Times Op Eds and Letters and Articles,” “Pornography,” “Socialism,” and “Zeeland or Elective Concurrences,” among others.

Collected research materials are constituted by bibliographies, notes, correspondence, manuscripts, mailing lists, and agendas. Classifications include “Germany” (1996-2001); “Melnik – Czechoslovakia Notes and Materials” (1999-2000); and “Christopher Columbus quincentennial (1990-1992).

Legal materials in the collection include assorted contracts, including those for Aquarel van Hollan, Great Dutch Voyages, and The Ten Thousand Things (by Marie Dermout, translated by Koning). Other materials regard “Bromberg & Shustein Lawsuit against Brookline Books – Pursuit of a Woman on the Hinge of History” and “Public Lending Rights – UK,” as well as the aforementioned libel suit against I Know What I’m Doing.

Collected financial materials include miscellaneous royalty statements and checks.

In addition to a comprehensive set of notebooks in which Koning recorded ideas and outlines, two address books are also present.

Photographs in the collection, black and white, feature subjects such as John Huston (with Koning), Ernst von Klipstein, Eirka Balque, Heinz Ehrenfreund, and Eleanore Weisgreuder.

Other items include 16 audio cassettes and a “Literary Discord” DVD, featuring Koning and Vita Paladino. Of particular note are Koning’s papers chronicling efforts to reach England from Switzerland during World War II.

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