Kumin, Maxine (1935- )

The Maxine Kumin collection consists of manuscripts and correspondence.

Manuscripts by Kumin in the collection include Through Dreams of Love (novel, Harper, 1965);The Privilege (poetry, Harper, 1965); The Passions of Uxport (novel, 1968); and galleys of The Wonderful Babies of 1809 and Other Years (juvenile, Putnam, 1968). Also present are three typed notebooks of poetry (including many published poems), a notebook with some notes on pawn shops, papers written while a student a Radcliffe, and note cards with various notes including a record of poems published.

Correspondence in the collection is grouped by the work by Kumin it pertains to; some files include handwritten, typed, or carbon copies of the work. Letters regarding poems include the titles “A Winter Friend” (publishing correspondence, 1960-1961); “Summer Story” (1960); “Spring Things” (1960); “Speedy Digs Downside Up” (1961-1963); Sebastian and the Dragon (1960-1972); “Follow the Fall” (1960-1962); “Archibald the Traveling Poodle” (1962); No One Writes a Letter to the Snail (1961-1962, 1966); Halfway (1959-1962); and The Privilege (1961-1965). Correspondence regarding the latter includes letters from Malcolm Cowley, Peter Davison, George Elliott, and Jack Sweeney. Letters regarding prose fiction include the stories “Eggs of Things” (1962) and “More Eggs of Things” (1963), both written by Kumin and Anne Sexton; “Mittens in May” (1960-1963); “Paul Bunyan” (1964), “The Beach Before Breakfast” (1962, 1966), and the novel Through Dreams of Love (1963-1965). Correspondence regarding the latter includes letters from Leslie Fiedler and George Elliot. Other correspondence includes letters from Diarmuid Russell (1958-1966), letters from Tom MacPherson (1962-1967), fan mail (including letters from Laura Benet, Richard Eberhart, Peter Davison, and William Meredith), and letters regarding a 1962 book fair.

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