Kuniczak, W.S. (1930-2000)

The W.S. Kuniczak collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, audio materials, and photographs.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, articles, and other items.

Collected novel manuscripts, published by Doubleday unless noted, include The Thousand Hour Day (Dial Press, 1966); The Sempinski Affair (1969); My Name is Million (1978); The March (1979); The Hazardous Road to Rome (1979); and Valedictory (1983).

Collected article manuscripts pertain largely to a World War II series for GEO magazine (1976-77). Titles include “A Harvest of Errors,” “The Lightning Strikes,” “Hitler Turns West,” “Dunkirk and the Fall of France,” as well as a list of articles.

Also presents are manuscripts for With Fire and Sword by Henryk Sienkiewicz (translated by Kuniczak); All Else Will Be History (a study of political unrest in Poland); Johnny Coleslaw (undated); and a poem entitled “Mike.”

The collection contains a comprehensive set of Kuniczak’s correspondence, chronicling lengthy exchanges with Kathy S. Kuniczak (wife); Max Gartenberg (agent); Dial Press and Secker & Warburg; and others. Letters are occasionally composed in Polish.

Kuniczak’s personal memorabilia consists of his pupil’s record book from Falkirk High School County of Stirling, Scotland (1945-48); Senior Leaving Certificate from Falkirk High School (1948); academic transcript from Columbia University (1954); membership certificate for Sigma Tau Delta (1952); and a certification of having crossed the International Date Line (1957).

Printed materials in the collection include various page and galley proofs; dustjackets; and reviews and publicity items pertaining to The March. Assorted newsclippings, business records, and brochures constitute additional items.

Audio materials, collected on tapes, include recordings of Kuniczak’s interviews on a WHLD Polish Daily Radio Program and on WQLN-FM in Erie, PA.

Many of the collected photographs capture Kuniczak with friends (1938-1972), while others document time spent in Korea during his Army service (1956).

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