Lake, Austen
The Austen Lake collection consists of office files, notebooks, manuscripts, printed material, photographs, correspondence, and a diary.

Office files in the collection consist of files regarding the Town and Country Athletic Club (1967-1968), financial matters, and research files regarding NATO, Boston, Israel, hospitals, and other subjects.

Notebooks in the collection consist of ten spiral-bound notebooks containing Lake’s handwritten notes for his newspaper columns.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of drafts of his columns, dating from the 1950s and 1960s; subjects include World War II, fashion, the Catholic Church, sports (including several regarding Babe Ruth), Israel, and other topics.

Printed material in the collection primarily consists of clippings of Lake’s articles and columns from various newspapers and magazines, dating from the 1930s to the 1960s. Subjects include the Boston Brinks Truck heist, athletes, doping, dog tracks, economics, drugs, and other topics.  Also present are various booklets and miscellaneous printed items.

Photographs in the collection include prints of various individuals, mainly sports figures and writers, as well as some photos from Lake’s work as a foreign correspondent and combat reporter during World War II.

Correspondence in the collection includes personal and professional letters to and from Lake. There are several fan letters to Lake from various readers of his columns and articles. The diary in the collection is a printed record of the 263rd Field Artillery Battalion, 26th Infantry Division, and its activities during World War II.
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1. Lake, Austen
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