Lampe, David (1923-2003)

The David Lampe collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, legal materials, financial materials, and other items.

The collection includes manuscripts for Lampe’s novels, The Tunnel and The Last Ditch. Also collected are article manuscripts for titles such as “Adventure Playgrounds,” “Atom Power and Fish Farming,” “The Brittany Stalemate,” “Casualties Union,” “Crime Prevention,” “The First Auto Race,” “Five Dozen and One Mountains in 24 Hours,” “Levegh’s Ride,” “No Blood for Sale,” “Physician inn Britain,” “The Scotch Tea House in Monte Carlo,” “We Cruise the British Canals,” and “Zoom Spectacles,” among others. Additional manuscript items are constituted by suggestions and preliminary ideas for books and articles.

Collected correspondence exhaustively chronicles exchanges between Lampe and agent Howard Moorepark between 1968 and 1974, as well as communications with editors and publishers.

Printed materials in the collection include tearsheets of Lampe’s contributions to Family Health, Dynamic Maturity, Smithsonian, The Lion, Saturday Review, True, Medical Opinion, and Popular Mechanics. Also present are copies of The Last Ditch, Pyke, the Self-Made Villain, The Tunnel, and Den Utaemmede Kanariefugl (Danish edition of “The Savage Canary”).

The collection’s legal materials document various contracts and agreements between Lampe and his agent and publishers (1960-66).

Accompanying the legal materials are a number of royalty statements and a record of article sales.

Other items in the collection include clips and miscellaneous photographs, including one of Lampe’s son.

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