Lelchuk, Alan (1938- )

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The Alan Lelchuk collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, and printed materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, articles, and more.

Collected novel manuscripts, published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux unless noted, include American Mischief (1973); Miriam at Thirty-Four (1974); The Closer (unpublished); and Solomon’s White Whale (unpublished).  Manuscripts are often collected in various fragments and drafts, many with holograph corrections and notes.

Collected short story manuscripts include “Anton’s Bridge,” “Baruch Ata Adonai,” “Childhood of a Feeling,” “The Cold,” “A Day in the Life,” “The Father,” “The Final Solution in Manhattan,” “The Journal of Jiri Weiss,” “A Letter from Odysseus,” “Liberation,” “Of Our Time,” “Rudumpkin,” “Shooting,” “This Side of Liberty,” “Two Episodes from American History,” and “Winter Image.”

Collected article manuscripts include “Ignoble Neutrals of 1968,” “The Mailer Incident – A Non-fiction Report,” “A Note on Technique in Chekhov’s Anyuta,” and “SDS – A Proposal for a Bay Area Committee on Research and Theory,” as well as a series of articles on George Gissing.

Additional manuscript items are constituted by reviews; an interview; various notes; and a screenplay, A Professional Assignment (adapted from Solomon’s White Whale by Lelchuk and Jiri Weiss).

Collected correspondence pertains principally to American Mischief, regarding editing and publication efforts. Letters from Philip Roth regarding his criticism of sections of American Mischief may be of particular interest. Also present are exchanges with John Goode, Michael Philp, and Judith Wilt regarding Lelchuk’s debate with Goode over George Gissing. Other notables include Robert Brustein and Herm Kogan.

The collection’s printed materials consist of newsclippings and tearsheets regarding “Radicalism and American Society,” many of which Lelchuk used for reference material for American Mischief and Miriam at Thirty-Four.

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