Lescroart, John (1948- )

The John Lescroart collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, financial materials, film and video, audio materials, photographs, artwork, electronic media, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous items.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, films, and more.

Collected novel manuscripts include Guilt, Hard Evidence, Fool’s Mate, A Certain Justice, The Mercy Rule, Son of Holmes, Imperfect Knowledge, The Vig, The 13th Juror, Rasputin’s Revenge, Dead Irish, The Beneficiary, The Lemon Grove, Coventry, Sunburn, No Promise, Breathing Under Water, The Leaves Hang Trembling, Nothing But the Truth, The Debt, Temporary Weakness, The Hearing, The Oath, Retaliation, The First Law, The Motive, The Second Chair, Thicker than Water, The Hunt Club, Betrayal, and The Treasure Hunt, among others. Novel outlines filed under “Standoff” and “The Scent of Fear” are present, as well.

Collected short story manuscripts include “The Road to Tarsus,” “Perry,” “Kennedy,” “The Cover Story is Always a Lie,” and “(Illegible) Kids.”

Collected screenplays include “Halcyon Days,” “They Just Fade Away,” “Winged Victory,” and “Whirlpool,” as well as an adaptation, “Solstice,” by Pamela Jacobson.

Miscellaneous manuscripts are filed under “Dan Sherb,” “Kearny,” and “Ideas.”

Collected correspondence is often literary, regarding research, publication, and royalty returns for many of Lescroart’s novels. Additional correspondence includes fan mail and Lescroart’s personal exchanges (1983-96; 2000-01).

Lescroart’s personal memorabilia includes the “Strathmore Who’s Who Award”; “Book of the Month” award from the city of Rocklin Book Club; framed photographs of Lescroart’s appearances on the New York Times’ Bestseller List, accompanied by relevant bookjackets (Nothing But the Truth, Oath, First Law); a framed collage of various articles regarding Lescroart (1998); and a Serra Padre alumni t-shirt.

Printed materials in the collection consist of newsclippings, articles, menus, bookjackets, and numerous sets of page and galley proofs. Also present are promotional display boards for various novels, as well as issues of San Francisco, New Yorker, and Costco Connection that contain articles or advertisements regarding Lescroart.

Collected professional materials are organized largely in office files and include manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials and electronic media. Materials are present for many of Lescroart’s novels and broken down into subfiles regarding research on specific subjects. Additional professional materials pertain to a Hemingway competition and an agreement with Renee Lopez. A press tour schedule for Damage is also present.

The collection’s research materials include notes, court transcripts, printed items, and legal documents. Items of particular interest may include the United States Courts Ninth Circuit 1995 Annual Report; California Air Quality report; Western States Petroleum report; Air and Waste Management Pamphlet; San Francisco Police Investigations Bureau Organizational Chart; and California Prison Regulation information.  

Lescroart’s financial materials consist of Fed Ex airbills; book order forms; and stock quotes.

Collected film and video items are recorded on VHS cassettes, including titles such as , “Author! Author!”; “Matheson, Dan”; “DVB”; “In Print With John Lescroart”; “Local Authors”; “The First Law”; “Court TV”; “John Lescroart – California Capitol Week”; and “Authors on the Move,” among others.

Audio materials in the collection are contained on both cassette tapes and CDs. Collected cassettes include “Forum: Mystery Writers” on KQED 88.5 FM broadcast; “Lit-Rock Sampler #1”; “Hot Book John Lescroart,” and more. Collected CDs include “Insight KXJZ”; “As The Crow Flies”; “A Merry Band of Murderers”; “It’s a Mystery: John Lescroart Interview”; and “A Plague of Secrets John Lescroart: Radio Media Tour,” among others.

The collection’s photographs include both black and white and color photos, occasionally with negatives.

Artwork in the collection consists of a courtroom chalk sketch and a portrait of Lescroart by Tom Deininger (1995).

Collected electronic media consists of three floppy disks, containing research materials and manuscript drafts and revisions.

Lescroart’s scrapbooks contain newsclippings, book covers, flyers, correspondence and photographs pertaining to Son of Holmes and Dead Irish.

Miscellaneous items in the collection are constituted by “Moose’s Restaurant Guide”; materials regarding Princess Diana; two baseball trading cards titled “John Lescroart, Coach, San Francisco Giants”; a commemorative chapstick for The 13th Juror; and a “Nun of a Kind ‘Sister Paige Turner’ doll that was given to Lescroart by a fan.

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