Leslie, Cecilie (1908-1988)

The Cecilie Leslie collection consists of manuscripts and other material regarding her novel The Golden Stairs (Doubleday, 1968), as well as some other items.

Manuscripts for The Golden Stairs include Leslie’s second draft, handwritten with some typed material; a carbon copy of a typed draft; and the setting copy.

Also present in the collection are items Leslie used as background material for The Golden Stairs. These items include handwritten notes by Leslie regarding E. P. C. Chambers, a teak-planter; George Chettle, former Superintendant of Police in Papun, South Burma; Captain E. S. Dalgety; Major Tony Summersell; and Major A. Ramsay Tainsh. Also present are letters from Eric Beadon, Leslie’s brother-in-law; E. P. C. Chambers; and Major A. Ramsay Tainsh; as well as handwritten notes, drawings, watercolors, and photocopies of artwork, all by A. Ramsay Tainsh.

Other material related to The Golden Stairs includes several letters from LeBaron R. Barker, Jr., of Doubleday; a letter from Arthur Hartley, Cecilie Leslie’s husband; two maps of Burma with handwritten notations; handwritten notes regarding wartime reports of Burma; a few items regarding Universal Aunts, Ltd.; and three reviews of The Golden Stairs.

Other items in the collection include five photographs of Leslie and four reviews of Leslie’s novelThe Rope Bridge.

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1. Leslie, Cecilie
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