Lewis, Roy Harley (1933-2001)
The Roy Harley Lewis collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and subject files.

Manuscripts by Lewis in the collection include: Jane Eyre, a musical play adapted from the novel, written with Hal Sharper (1967); “Matt Cole: A Drama Series,” first draft; “Liars: A Comedy Thriller in Two Acts”; “If Only: Opportunities to Re-Write History” (1977); and drafts of eight short stories.

Correspondence in the collection primarily consists of professional correspondence, with some personal items included as well.  The personal letters include a letter from Michael Robson (1982); ten letters from Ann Bahar (1990-1996); and three letters from Lewis to Bahar (1990).  The professional correspondence includes several letters from various publishers and editors, including St. Martin’s Press (1980-1989), Robert Hale, Ltd. (1980-1990), Campbell Thomson and McLaughlin (agents; 1941-1982); Colin Wilson (1979-1988); and various others.  In addition, the collection includes several correspondence files which Lewis arranged by topic; these date from 1978 to 1996, and primarily contain professional correspondence.  Subjects include: agents; Granada Publishing; Miracles Take a Little LongerEncyclopedia of GhostsAntiquarian BooksTheatre GhostsA Cracking of Spines; Bonnel Editions; “The Connoisseur”; Don warner; Ann Bahar; Wendy Francis; Presses de la Cite; BBC television and radio; lectures; French publications; and the Dictionary of National Biography.  The files also include ancillary material such as printed items, press and promotional material, royalty statements, and other items.

Subject files in the collection consist of various documents arranged into files by Lewis, according to topic.  The files include newspaper clippings, promotional material, correspondence, book covers, manuscripts, and other items, dating from 1948 to 1990.  Subjects include: A Cracking of Spines; newspaper clippings; Where Agents Fear to Tread; boxing; reviews; The Book Browser’s Guide to Erotica; Thames TV; Jane Eyre; film and television; published articles; book covers; David and Charles (publishers); The Book Browser’s GuideFine Bookbinding in the 20th Century;The Manuscript Murders; and Antiquarian Books.
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