Linington, Elizabeth (1921-1988)

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The Elizabeth Linington collection includes manuscripts and related printed materials, as well as a letter.

The manuscript collection chronicles Linington’s prolific production of mystery and crime novels and short stories. Manuscripts appear under a variety of pseudonyms, including Egan O’Neill, Barbara Egan, Dale Egan, and Dell Shannon.

Collected novel manuscripts include The Death-Bringers, Coffin Corner, The Scapegoat, Honour Point, The Dispossessed, The Manson Curse, The Love-Talker, Three Sides to the Street, Vengeance Road, The Conspirators, The Caverns of the Proud Ladies, Catalyst, The Violent Stream, Daylight Danger, Yonder A Hawk, the Safe Place, The Practical Joke, The Transposed Hats, The Bronze Cat, The Nameless Ones, Chance to Kill, Rain with Violence, Something Wrong, Kill with Kindness, Make Little Weeping, A Serious Investigation, The Wine of Violence, and Malicious Mischief. Additional items include The Caverns of the Proud Ladies and A Tempestuous Voyage (both unpublished).

Collected short story manuscripts include “The Ring,” “The Clue,” “The Long Chance,” “The Motive,” “The Cat,” “Accident,” “Happy Release,” “Novelties,” “They Will Call It Insane,” “Found Among the Deceased’s Papers,” “An Arranged Marriage,” “Need-Fire,” ”The Practical Joke.”

Over fifty pages of poetry are also included, accompanied by a holograph note.

Page and galley proofs for many of the aforementioned works are also present.

A letter from Linington to L. Herman Smith of Pasadena City College may be of particular interest, as it discusses her philosophy of writing, how she got started on her mystery novels and how the works developed.

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